Friday, August 14, 2009

i hear then i feel

We were testing the AV system yesterday in my client's house.
She has this CD. Best Audiophile Voices IV. (below)
Very very nice. Love it.
Loud crystal clear audio system carries songs as such very very good indeed..

I have always love songs like these.. It soothes. I feel.
Somehow relax-es me when I'm alone.
Some might think oh well.. borringg..

1. Salena Jones - You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
2. Jane Duboc - Lady Jane
3. Tim Tamashiro - The Way You Look Tonight
4. Marianna Leporace - If
5. Stacey Kent - What The World Needs Now Is Love
6. Alison Krauss & Union Station - Gravity
7. Livingston Taylor - Isn’t She Lovely
8. Jheena Lodwick - A Child Is Born
9. Noon - Sunny
10. Jean Frye Sidwell - Wind Beneath My Wings
11. Sara Gazarek - Too Young To Go Steady
12. Hayati Kafe - For All We Know
13. Trisha O Brien - Dindi
14. Susannah McCorkle - Manha De Carnaval
15. Al Somma - The Very Thought Of You

Guess you know which is my atm fav song.. (big hint above.. hehe)
Though I do not have the cash to purchase skyhigh AV system price.. *grins*
I still like to have the cd. Will plan to go hunt for this..
Thinking should i get the whole collection? Hmmmm
Very soothing songs ler.. *hearts* Love love love love..
Very emotional lyrics.. meaningful phrases.. great vocals.. ahhh...
Their versions of these songs are very good.. Seriously.

Other collections here... *click*

any sponsor.. anyone? =P



backStreetGluttons said...

aready feel so romantic already.
sounds of sentimental love ( where ah ?)

Michelle said...

oh well.. nowhere to be found..

ktx said... romantic huh, but stacey kent is qutie cool actually......

Michelle said...

ahahha yeah romantic to my ears only..
yup.. stacey kent is good.. i like her voice =P