Saturday, July 23, 2011

love their il mondo version..

Wow what a night...
Yeah I realised it's 2:09 in the morning now and I'm still so alert n wide awake simply cos I kinda still dont believe what i just did.
I never called or SMS anything to win anything on radio stations before. It was my first time and I won the tickets to Il Volo's showcase at Bentley Auditorium next weekend. Why I did what I did earlier because il Volo is not selling their tickets and I'm dying to go. Haha. You have to win from Red.FM by sending SMSes in at a certain time and answer their questions!! Always love Red.FM, especially their late night love songs. Always a good chillax time driving home from late OTs or dinners or bar-hoppings. ;)

I never knew il Volo until I walked into That CD Shop in Marina Sands last weekend when I was still in Singapore. As I was paying for the High Society's Genre compilation, they played il Mondo on air. Wow it blew me away.. So I asked for the cd and found out they're only teenagers and double wow it really swept me off my feet and sealed the deal!! I bought it straightaway.

I can't wait for the showcase. They're really very talented.
Won two tickets. Pin being my sgp partner who walked me into That CD Shop definitely 'invited' to go with me!! Hahaha.

I still can't believe I did what I always heard contestants winning on radio contests. Never knew I will ever do that one day and heard myself LIVE on air later. Haha.


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