Sunday, July 10, 2011

one royal yellow weekend

Yesterday was in fact, the most yellow day ever seen.
All the yellow profile images in facebook, all the yellow shirts + headbands + banners in KL rally all over Youtube, local TV news, Al-Jazeera etc etc etc.

Think with a clear mind, with all those unnecessary strict roadblocks and checkings, approx. 50,000 managed and fight their way to the federal capital and successfully demonstrated the walk of democracy. What if there's no roadblocks, silly restrictions and those who were arrested, imagine how many rakyat would be attending the rally? Easily double the crowd yesterday.

One second, with the royal intervention.. the other second the rally was claimed to be illegal. What the? Irrelevant.
Reading articles and news all over the internet (definitely not local tv news) I felt proud and in awe with our Malaysians here and abroad with their determination and bravery to step up and tell them what's right and clean. This is Malaysia with great unity I've never seen before. All races and religions walking down the rally supporting Bersih's call for free and clean elections. Not only here but in Melbourne, HK, Singapore, Bangkok, London too. Wow.

Looking at these rally pictures, feel kinda unbelievable because they seemed so something that won't happen to our country, probably more to abroad countries where we always watch on night news. But with whatever that happened yesterday, I felt really great watching all the determination of theirs marching into the federal capital, some with kids, crutches, elderly people; in spite of their fear to face the tear gas, chemical water spray and merciless whackings from the police. Wow again.

Quoted from Lim Kit Siang's blog, “709” will go down in Malaysian history as the day of empowerment of the real 1Malaysia – where all races and religions came together to demand a “Clean Malaysia”, not just for clean elections but also in the political system and all aspects of national governance.
You couldn't agree more.
The chaos descended but the spirit has not. We shall just wait and observe.

More pix *here*
More news *here* and *here*

Are they shivering down their pants? Well, they're clearly going into denial now. There's more drama to see from their side from now on. I wonder how our future would turn up to. Hmmm...

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