Friday, July 08, 2011

My my baby blue

Wow. A week just breeze by.. seems like seconds i last pen here last Friday.
Haha Life has been ridiculiously hectic lately.
Running from one site to another was hellish and very tiring.
Anyway that's work.

I have a latest "at-the-moment" obsession. Heehee.
Steve Tyler. Don't you think he's adorable despite his age..
He's 63 but still sound AMAZING!!
Funny watching him on American Idol, all those hilarious moments and expressions.

His drugs past put aside (which i don't care), he's really a damn good vocalist.
His nickname of "Demon of Singing" hella impressive.
Love his colorful outfits with his trademark scarves hanging from his microphone stand.
Chill ran down my spine listening to his ggreaatt songs.. Ja-ja-jadedddd..~~
Singing along with his songs, very stress-releasing in a different way.. Hehe
Would love to go to one of his concerts, but nahhh he probably wont be allowed in Malaysia.
Those silly too-rock-bad-influence crap rules.

His live performance!! AMAZING!~
I wonder if I can find his old Aerosmith cd at the stores now.. hmm

Your thinking's so complicated...
I've had it all up to here,
But it's so overrated..
Love and hated,
Wouldn't trade it..
Love me jaded...

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