Monday, September 03, 2012

first 28th birthday celebration

Last Friday was planned weeks ahead to organize a potluck feast at Amber's crib.
And unexpectedly.. a surprise. Aww.
Pictures tell a thousand words. *grins*

Eric's Double Sauce (Red & White) Rice with tons of Ham

Mommy's Curry Chicken!! =P

Amber's Pumpkin Potato Chicken. Love this!!

Ah Fun's Potato Salad. Yummmm!!

Angela's Chocolate Moist Cupcake. Very Rich!

M&Ms. I thought they were decor until late that night they revealed the truth.

Kok Seng & Tiff brought Roasted Chicken & Char Siew. Porky was great.

Louise and her new beau brought roasted duck.

Jeffrey's Sautéed Scallop. Long awaits. =P

Baby Aden is so happy =)

The entire spread. What a feast.

As we were busy eating, the kids enjoying Barney on TV.

And I got surprised with this DIY birthday cake. =)

I'm 28!!!! with tons of M&Ms. Yay!!

The girls!! Thanks girls~~

The MEN!

Haha figuring a way to cut the cake.

Thanks to Eric, Ah Fun and Angela to decor the cake with tons of M&Ms.
Happy Colors!! 

As the kids playing with their games...

We played ours.. hahaha 

Nope. no bettings.. but losers to finish the leftovers!!

I'm a happy girl! happy to be 28 and loved by all my friends.

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