Thursday, August 30, 2012

ms brightside

I am a happy girl today.
I couldn't sleep last night due to you-know-the-reason-why but I woke up like 6:30am justnow.
Went to the morning market with mom after dropping my siblings to school.

Looking at the crowd makes me wonder if my sleeping hours are too long.
But I normally slept bout 2-3am, woke up no later than 10am. Hmmm..
and these people are already working their ass off selling everything your grocery list could fit.
I should sleep less and start working more huh? Good motivation. =)

My fav kuih ever. Made me miss my grams terribly.
where she chops and chops her chickedees.
Breakfast at 8:30am. A very rare "event". =P

There's potluck tomorrow at Amber's place.
Lunch at Kwangli's next Tuesday.
Dinner at BSC next Wednesday.
Steamboat and movie marathon at Jason's next Saturday.
Following Saturday to Velvet.
Following following weekend to Bangkok.
Gonna love September!!!
I'm grinning from ear to ear.
At the end of the day, age is really just a number.

Happy Birthday to me in the next-6-days. =) =) =)

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