Monday, August 20, 2012

signs of fatigue

I'm speechless and helpless AGAIN.
She's up to her tricks again. Yes AGAIN.
I know she meant no harm but it's so so so annoying.
I'm flustered and speechless and speechless  and speechless.
Worst that pop was on her side. 
She have her way in words (pssstt those red angry ones) and the super capability in making me feel sooooooo bad. 
I'm not a stuck-up!!!! I just don't find it appropriate.

I just hope I can lead my life the way I want it. Spontaneous and just-go-with-whatever-that-comes especially in that "category". Once in a lifetime "category". 
I felt like a subject to be inspected by different departments before submission then to be graded again by the main cast.
Why all the hassle? Let the young people do their thing. 
Why email photographs, fb addresses, emails? *faints*
If we want to meet up then we meet up, but not with the entire neighbourhood.

I'm a goner.

* *

A vain pix to end the post.

There's a reason you're not in a relationship for the longest time.

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