Saturday, August 25, 2012

primp from head to toe

Thought of writing a list-to-buy things for myself and ended up here.
Everytime after I bought some beauty supplies (and they were expensive), I'll probably tell myself, Nah I won't have to spend that kind of money again next month or anytime soon.. and guess what.. I WAS WRONG. wrong wrong wrong big time. There will forever be a lot of things to buy on the 'list' and all needed asap in a short timeframe. No wonder my piggy bank is never even close to quarter full. Ugh.

There's never a budget to stay within when you're selecting the supplies. You're lying to yourself when you try to cover all your beauty supplies and stay within A budget. I mean we're talking bout hair, skin, nails and makeup! The entire spectrum of supplies that suit OUR bloody needs. 


Let's make a list, working from top down. 
It's my list. some babes might even have WAY longer list.
Not that I need to buy ALL of 'em now cos I already had some, I'll just bold those that I need to STOCK-UP "soon"


I don't style them everyday. Just let loose and look healthy. 
- Shampoo, conditioner (both wash off and leave on), smoothing serum, hair roots serum, repair treatment, hair mask, hair spa, hairspray and hair-wax. 
- Barrettes, elastics, bobby-pins, shark pins, 3 types of brush/combs, hairbands.. and fortunately I need not to get straightening thong yet.. but I might. 

Skin Care Products.
Good skin with no acne or pimple problems. Phew~
- Face Wash/Cleanser, Scrubs/Exfoliants, Day/Night Moisturizer, Toner, Serum, Face Mask (Clay, Cream, Sheets), Spot Cream, Whitening Essence, Freakles Cream, UV Sun Screen, Pore Minimizer & Strips, Face Mist, Eye Mask, Eye Strips, Eye Serum & Lip Care. 
[Anything to brighten, firm, whiten, soothe, anti-gravity, moisture and make all good.] 
- Cotton pads, DIY mask sheets & facial wipes. 

Make-up *faints*
Lucky for me, I don't ICI myself daily. It's just very light make up with eyeliners (that I can't live without), mascara and ready to go. No foundation even.
But nevertheless, I'll need to keep these in stock.
- Eyeliner (liquid/pencil/gel in different colors), mascara, eyeshadow (favourite colors), eyebrow set, lipstick, lipgloss, lipbalm, blush (favourite colors), bronzer, illuminator, primer, sheer foundation (liquid/loose powder/pressed), concealors and correctors.
- Make-up remover, remover wipes, curlers, q-tips, entire brush set, sponge puffs, tweezers, razor, wax strips, compact mirror, huge-ass cosmestic case.

Body Care
- Body Wash, Body Mask (yes, they exist), Body Scrub, Wax Cream, Body Lotion, Extensive Hand-care Lotion, Moisturising Gel Gloves and Booties.
- Hair caps, loofah, exfoliating gloves, back brush and wax strips.

Nails Care
I normally go for manicure and pedicure, so I don't spend on colors but basic care still needed.
- Base Coat, Top Coat, Colored Polish (OPI classic colors, I've got only 3), Cuticle Oil/Balm, Nail Remover, Hand Therapy.
- Nail file, Nail Clippers, Nail Buff, Cotton Toes.


Wow, I'm declaring myself broke and I hope I did not miss out any.

I am kinda pissed after listing all these things down. 
I'm not petty girl BUT these are just BASIC needs. B-A-S-I-C!! 
And have not even list down on clothes, shoes and bags.
We love dressing up but to spend on getting all dressed up stay-young-n-healthy-self-hygiene-thingy is kinda pain-in-d-ass.

Why am I a girl?

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