Thursday, August 23, 2012

clubbing cherries

Chaperoned three young girls to clubbing last Saturday.
I wanted Velvet but thanks to old Victor dear, he booked Phuture.
And did they have a blast, but I easily fatigued bout 1am when the party just got "exciting". Reminded me much bout my past clubbing days. Goodness shit.
How we partied all night long till wee hours in the morning, hangovers the next day..
didn't know how I could stand those shit? Yes, they were right.. I WAS MUCH younger then.. And the last time I went clubbing was... exactly A YEAR ago with my girlfriends.. *here*

Anyway I woke up like 9am the next day when we had another mamak session after clubbing last Saturday till 5am. I desperately need my beauty sleep but.. I just couldn't "sink" in. Darn.

They called me the KLCC bridge for a reason. =(

Nap time when everyone's working now.
Good feeling. =)

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