Tuesday, October 23, 2012

back to flintstones..

Sometimes I can so unpredictable and...
Have the insane capability to do incredibly stupid things that I amazed myself sometimes.
I was in the midst of googling images for my moodboard few hours ago and somehow I stumbled across one of my blog links. Bizarre. Totally no connection to what I was searching online, but anyway that distracted me so much from work that I eventually started browsing and reading my old posts WHICH led to flashbacks of fking emo moments. And I read almost all the EMO labelled posts which brought back bollocks of *sniffsniff*. And I cried. Sooooo wtf, right?

This caught my attention..

"Lots of questions i've been asking myself lately which I can't seem to find the answer i want.
i want to live a satisfied life.
i believe in myself.
i want surprises.
i want things to just happen for the all the reasons it should.
I'm not worried bout life obstacles but i'm just kinda getting tired of it.
Ya ya i know i know.. i just started my life 'legally' in many things..
inclusive of being more responsible.. more shit-ass stuff happening around me..
where i need to "see the real society"..
but i'm just mentally tired sometimes..
need a good cry... possibly a good shoulder to have a good cry on..
just feel like letting all out.. then i bet i'll be fine.

i want too much out of me.. too much to expect..
don't ask me what i see myself in 10 years kind..
everyday i answered myself differently.. wanting different things..
sounds like unsatisfied bitch huh? ....

Speechless me? So whiny! Haha
I do sound a lil demanding huh?
A post I've put up 3 years ago.
Reading back, it felt like just 15mins ago.

I'm not going to "link-up" those past sappy big L word here.
I might .. Anyway bygones..

and I didn't finish what I supposed to do today. Damn.

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