Monday, April 24, 2006

1st bunny bath

22 April 2006
Saturday afternoon. First bath for bubu. The female, Lulu was given by my dad's friend. Same breed & as horny. Hahaha..

yes. that is what you think it is. his balls. NO! not sunat ok. just trimming his bunny tail fur for hygiene purposes.

1. dad & bro keep molesting him. haha. 2. task accomplished. the dumb & dumberer

1. left to "tan" after i dried him up. 2. their pile of shits. for plants. haha.

so sadd.. bubu (black cage) & lulu (white cage) cannot be in the same cage. Mom doesn't wan them to uh-uh & make babies.
Cute darlings with super-high sex drive. Love them tonss... Not for sale though.

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