Tuesday, January 06, 2009

colours make me coloured

I met up with him few days ago after centuries.
We were chilling at the boulevard.

Suddenly he keep staring to his left, I turned...
He was staring at this 2 huge jugs, beamed a bit too "loud"... "eh BIG!!"
Blur me went, "Big meh??"
He grinned dreamily, "Her huge tits fits perfectly here." Shows his hand.
"I want" was his last two words before he got up to introduced himself to the girl.

Guys. So typical. He never changed.
After so long since I last saw him, he is still so PLAY as ever.
But he is still so my "huggy" as ever.


Add VideoI'm quite busy lately. Sorry to say.
Countless hours at work. Back too late to even check my mails.
Will try to update as often as I can...
'cos they were pretty much "interesting" things lining up to post up here..
just that I've freaking got no time to do it. Darn.

Lastly.. mind helping me to choose which colour I should get?
Please... I really really couldn't make up my mind.
Some say white... some say grey..
Some say white similar to a dummy toy phone...
grey too man.. too normal.. too this.. too that.. how??

For a short review of the phone, click *here* ....

Holding the phone 'live' looks better than in pix.
Let's decide. Lend me a brain hand.



1 comment:

Louis Lia said...

Take the white one la.. Why so 'clueless'? The black coloured phone looks like a piece of junkie..