Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"weird" ikan yang menakutkan

I saw this few weeks ago d, but din't quite pay much attention to it..
until somehow I thought of it today.. so I went to google it..
And this was what I found minutes ago..

I found it scary. Very indeed. Astonishingly.
Yucks. Might sound lame to you but when i saw it..
my bulu all naik laaa.. standing proud showing i'm a puny chicken.
I mean, I really find it pretty disgusting and weird...
though it's just one kind of carp fish...
BUT STILL!! Human Face Fish.

A lil' info I got off-net here..

"Ornamental carp, also known as "koi", are bred in both Japan and Korea for collectors.
The human-faced carp are definitely products of selective breeding by humans. Generations of fish were bred to emphasize their "human" features, most notably their forward-facing eyes. These features would likely be a disadvantage in the wild - but then, these particular fish aren't going anywhere near the wild anytime soon.

The so-called "Human Face Fish" are hybrids of common carp and leather carp. The fish rather large - about 32 inches long - and it's said that their heads have begun to take on a more human look as time goes by!!!"

Yerrrr.. *shuddering*
Imagine your "pet" fish give you dirty faces when you walk by..
Giving you tons of idiotic expressions... like a bloody horrible myth creature.
I don't fancy this at all lor!!!

Again, GROSS!!


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