Thursday, January 08, 2009

working is my latest "addict"


My new haircut + color.
Got all these done in Clips again.
Francis, my favourite stylist again.
Was there with Cass for almost 5 hours.
She and her cropping, perming, dye-ing and treatment-ing.. hehe
Me with my cropping, dye-ing and treatment-ing. *grins*

With much more work stress and piling up responsibilites and roles..
I think with me craving for more indulgence is going to burn a huge hole in my pocket.

Manicure my next stop!!! Here I come~~~~


Pix way before I cropped my hair.
Before I start "full-timing" work.

I'm working...

I'm not quite working...

Working makes me old..

Alright, I'm back to working..

Oh gawd..... never-ending work.

i need a break for life

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