Friday, January 16, 2009


only good friends stay..

"If you don't have your own state of mind..
you'll simply just drown yourself in deep sea."

- Michelle

Lately I've been trapped in a masquerade.
People with various of beautiful, colorful masks walking around me..
"Laughing", "smiling", "complimenting" etc etc.
I know I am not offended or disturbed by this "event".
But some uncontrollably did..
Those who did.. faced me with a mask everyday.
Sometimes totally ignore me.. or just brushed me off as harshly as possible.

Wait... what is masquerade???
"In the masquerade everyone dons their masks. The peasants may become lords and the lords, peasants. The sheep may dress as wolves and the wolves as sheep. The cowards will roar like lions and the traitors will puff out their chests like the noblest of patriots. The name of the masquerade is politics of course."

Show if you're pissed.
Don't act like nothing happened and forced yourself on me.
Don't be a torture.
Wearing a mask is a torture.

It's weird sometimes..
How people aren't willing to trust an empty paper.. a crystal clear situation..
'cos they think.. no way things gonna be this simple.. sure there is some hidden story.
But they choose to believe fully in a complicated shit.. well 'cos it's complicated. Duh.
Too many things to sound fake right?

Some say "Timing" makes a difference.
You think you really understand a friend whom you known for years.
But in fact., you don't.
You think you misunderstand a true friend that you just known for months.
But in fact, yes. You did.

If you don't trust me, why I bother making you trust me?
I'm not that kind of people to force you think what i think.
Mature enough to make your own judgements.
If you think I am that, then I'm that to you.
It doesn't make any difference to my life.
In fact, I feel sorry for you.
Incapable to differ the real and fake.

I know what I did and what I didn't do.
You chose to believe the otherwise.
And that is YOUR problem.
Juggling our friendship on a thin line.
I am disappointed. Very.

Today I turned cold as metal.
And will stay this way till I feel for a change.
You made me.

Office politics.

* * *

What I find unbelievable is..
You said you won't get manipulated.
You said to ignore the Manipulator.
Cos you knew what was happening..
but yet you chose to get manipulated.
I really treated you like a friend that is hard to find.. that can get along so well.
but guess I'm just a fishing bait to you.
You chose to believe what the rotten apple say.

I feel I am stupid.
I thought working is stressful as how everyone complains bout their work.
To me, working is full of challenges and stress at times.. but exciting..
what really dries me off are the masquerade participants.

Life is a bitch.

p/s: pix credits dA


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