Monday, January 19, 2009

i'm not quite crazy yet... but...

I want some blood off me.
Wait... I mean I don't want unnecessary blood.
I just want to make that absorbent material worn to absorb some menstrual flow.

My haid belum datang laa.
Lost track of last month's. Should be either this week or next.
No. I'm not preggie. And no.. it's not LATE.
I just hope it can enter the world of "pressed cotton" tomorrow or day after.
so it can declare dry soon and I can celebrate CNY with glee, un-bloatness & un-wetness.

Ugh. Oh period. Can you please come asap??!
Or just packed up and don't come until after CNY week.



This song is so emo-ing me up.. *sobs*
Someone to love, to hold, to be my inspiration~~
Someone to touch, to cherish of life...

See see.. i'm getting emo, lethargic n pissy all over.
Signs of period coming rite???

just come, will ya???


Bonny said...

i have never met someone who talks to their period.. how amazing.

have period replied?

Michelle said...

replied with cramps and swell tits...