Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my smooth move

Two days ago...
I was walking down my office's porch on the left side.
Suddenly out of nowhere and no time.. I slipped... slipped forward..
At the nick of time... I just grabbed the side fence...
No no.. there was no CrAsh BooM Bang... (no comical scripts ok~)
And no.. I din't fall flat on my ass either.... (you wish)
I.. caught my balance one my right leg but fell hard and sharp on my left knee..
So my position that time was.. as if..

It hurts. God damn pain lor..
And I had to hurry down to site.
Skin scraped, fortunately... no blood.
Clumsy me.

Now my knee looks like this. (above)
No idea when and how and why the bruise became this huge piece...
and so dark..
scary shit... how how how???

How to wear skirt now???


p/s: ignore my silly facial expression up there..
p/p/s: yes. i'm very busy lately. no time to blog properly.

I'm feeling "utterly" bad now.

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