Saturday, January 31, 2009

i like phuture

CNY post will be up AFTER CNY.. hehe
Too many pix. Lazy to rummage over it yet.
Let's see something more recent..
Ermm.. Last night.


We went to Phuture Zouk last night.
Yup. So-called CNY Clubbing session, i suppose.

You don't have to simply be a blogger to camwhore..
'cos I see most people nowadays regardless of "sex".. hmmm
they too camwhore a li'l way too much.

While waiting for Huay-Pin to "berdandan".. we were...
ermm.. *laughs* camwhore lor.. What else.
I'll just post a few up here.. Others will be in my facebook.

Thanks to silly Alan for making my head looking like super alienated-ly big...
yah yah with his "artistic creative angle".. Kapuiks!!
keep commenting on her small eyes. hahaha .
Not that small laa.. still can see mar.. hahaha..

Crazy Alan. Man in Black. short I mean.. real MAN...
*giggles* Beh tahan.

ChoonWee came with Bernice.
Our high school gang, around 6 of us including JunWei who reached earlier.
He and his big bunch of friends.. More than 10 i think.
He introduced me to Timothy from Nuffnang with Audrey, his gf.
Cos Jun knew I read his blog but I din't really get to talk much to them..
thanks to the blasting music and the super-high crazy JW dude.


Walau. Apa ni?
Seriously whenever JunWei is getting super-high in clubs and all...
it's best for you to start avoiding him.. whether or not u'r a super drinker..
or *ahem* a lousy one like me..
Darnit.. he bloody BIT my shoulders twice 'cos I rejected his drink.
Oh darn.. No escape and.... there.. i got all f-up drunk sober.. Sad-nya aku.

And what do u think ur friends will do when u'r blur and agitated??
They'll treat u like Mdm Tussaud's wax statue and "paparazzi-ed" over you..
Hahhaa.. so nice of them. Thoughtful isn't it?

See? Prove to my allergy.
YES!! Alcohol Allergy. Too much to consume last nite to my "alcohol level".
Red, itchy, slight swell, blotches, biji-biji.. yerrr.. gross lor.
See see.. thanks to who..!! *sobs*

My sleep was badly interrupted by my mom. Way early at 8am.
Woke up with a slight hangover..
Thank god to only "slight".. Ran out to the nearest pharmacy and bought my pills.
If not.. being in this condition for almost 1 week.
Ahhh.. Kill me bah..

Lastly, I'm done "thinking" today.
Just came back from mom's hometown today.
A day trip down to Kuala Selangor. Tyeeee-reddd.. Tired la i mean.
Aites. Night. *yawns*

i'm done clubbing.

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