Tuesday, May 30, 2006

PapAyass.. Yumm!!~

Seen papayass???

U like papayas??? Nice local fruit huh? See.. so cute...

Who is she?? Italian adult entertainer Lolo Ferrari

VavA ROoOMMmm!!~~~~~ CUNnnn!!!!

I do not know where in the alphabet this cup size belong. She died in her 30s and many speculated that the extreme alternations of her body could be a cause of it.

p/s : I did not purposely search for this papaya pics. It was because I was searching for 'pop culture' design in Googles.. Errr.. this turn out to be one POPular CULTURE....

Monday, May 29, 2006


Shitty ass!! I'm like just surfing around looking for a friar's face to help me get the scar look for my minor. Then I came along this pic.. that seriously freaked me out in all the sudden. Call e a freak but I still think this pic below is scary.. The more I looked at it, the more shivrs I felt running down my spine. And I'm all alone at home.....

Sunday, May 28, 2006

pussycat Dolls...

New Blog Template

I was like wondering months ago, on how to change my blog template. I saw a few interesting skins but don't have the guts to.. I was like afraid if I change the template, everything will like 'destroyed' or changed. Nevertheless, last night was too lazy to continue my Minor sketches. I just scanned around for a few new skins aka template. I didn't have the thought to change mine, but just nose around. Then I saw this template. Hehe. Kinda caught my attention. And I got some pointers from Cass, as she also just changed hers I think..
So I did changed mine & I copied the whole html of my previous blog template just in case, I can't get this right. Anyway, I'm stil quite not used to the whole new template thingy yet, but trying to work it out right. Shit man. I don't know much bout the html thing le.. Can't add in the 'post comment' thing. the timestamp on when I post up & also my picture for profile. Sheeshh.. So for the meantime, any comments.. pls fill in my cbox... Hehe..
Sigh.. how now brown cow? Any experts outta there to lend a expert hand???

Saturday, May 27, 2006

raining 'meow' & 'woof'....

Went for a while to collect the light-box from Raymond. Sheeshhh man. On the way there was ok. Suddenly, reaching Berkeley, it started to rain. Big huge drops. So I thought, 'Shit.. that Ray left the light-box at his porch.. Later kena rain.. sure kena electric shock.' He worried also, that's why he called n kinda "yelled".. but it's not the Yelling - yelling type.. just that his place there is noisy.. futsal, I think. Duno whether he was worried of when I use it, I'll die of electric shock or his lightbox getting wet. =P Anyway, reached his house, still haven't rain yet but wind was like so strong.

Got the lightbox. Heading to Phoenix's house to collect Laundry Pub's photos. Mana tau, it really started to rain super heavy.. Tons of "cats & dogs". My eyes blurred. BBK there, cannot see a thing on the road man. So dangerous. I sms-ed Phoenix, telling her I'll probably drop by tomorrow then.
Driving back home was slow & scary. My sister next to me was like suddenly quiet. Asked her, "You scared ar?" "Duhh.. obviously.. what u think??" was the answer. Bloody sarcastic. Should have 'dropped' her in the Klang River.
The view of Goldcourse Hotel. Can see shits man. Normally you still can see that the building is kinda slanted. Tonight.. dark, blur, raining so heavy like no one biz.. So sudden..
The bloody rain really freaked me out. Suddenly some bloody ass drove past me, somehow splashed the bloody water on my car. For a split second, I'm blind & I frozed. Bloody shittyyy driver. Scare my haf life off.. (Shit, I realised I used too much 'bloody' word here.. Un-intentionally)
Enjoy my dumb face on rainy night.

Friday, May 26, 2006

My 'clever' brother

Aiyo. After spending my time tutoring my brother for a whole week for his test.. today I finally got to take a glimpse of his test papers. He can really do at home, probably cos I'm sitting there next to him with a cane on my hand.
Told me he got his papers today, asked him to show me, he kinda reluctant. I told him, if I see any silly mistakes he shouldn't do, he'll get some really good piece of my mind & possible I'll get my mom to wack his ass off. I'm bad?! What?? You should have seen him studying.. So reckless.. And his attitude is so 'hau lian'.. I beh tahan.. At least my sister is good.
A few mistakes that really pisses me off.. of all I can remember..
Math - 9 x 9 = (53), 2 x (288) = 48, 6000 - 52 = 3948
English - (These) is, push = he wrote (pust) TWICE samo.., switch = (swith), The durian tree (are), She has a hobby and (my) hobby is play badminton.
BM - The worst ninny answer - "(Encik), ......., " tanya Cikgu kepada gadis itu.
Ok. Enough. I going gaga dy.. Aiihhh...!!~~
He can do it, but he just don't like reading questions. How?
My brother keep say don't know.. don't know...
My mom's advice to him = "Next time when you're having exam or test, bring handphone & call home."
He shuts up. I laughed. =P

Thursday, May 25, 2006

i'm like so jinxed today...

I always complained that every certain day is like so bad luck n all. Today, I can named it the worst. Err.. so far. Okay. Why?
Woke up late this morning. Suppose to wake up at 8 to finish my assignment. Mana tau, I've overslept. Slept like around 3.45am last night. Hehe. So cannot wake up this morning when the alarm rang.
So when finally completed my tech assignment, getting ready to go. Thank god I reloaded my phone. If there was like no credit with me today, I'll surely be so deadmeat. Lazy to elaborate what happened this afternoon. Anyway.. on the way to uni early evening, just bloody after Cheras toll, I felt like the car was like not balanced & the sound of the rim crashing on the road like as if I'm driving on windmills. Fingers crossed, I stopped at the emergency lane, check it out. My side.. ok. The other side.. Gosh.. front tyre almost flat. Shit. It was like just 10 minutes from uni, and 12 minutes from the nearest pump station.
Bloody no car stopped to help. Bloody no motorist even look. Some ass lorries even honked at me. What's the problem? I ain't blocking their way. I tried to change myself, but I'm like wearing a skirt & I had got no idea why it was so windy on highways. Haha. Anyway, my car's behind is so full of material boards, which I don't wanna mention whose.
Waited. Waited. My dad said he was on the way, unfortunately het ook the wrong turn & heading to kerinchi. And that time was like almost 5.30pm. Balik rumah time, jam like hell. Obviously gonna take forever. Police cars passed by me in like inches away, and yet they looked & not bloody helped. So PLS if can, don't pay those bloody taxes to feed these shitheads. Waited again for like almost an hour. Finally some highway ronda van passed. He helped me change it. Nice guy. At least he was polite, unlike some MA ppl, rude like hell even it's their job to do it.
Sigh. This whole incident left me nothing but no time to hand in my assignment & today is the deadline. SHITS. Sigh. When the bad luck comes, it'll go all off. Damn. Hate today.
p/s: Don't ask me why I didnt call my friends. I did. 1 - taking weed somewhere. 2 - 5.30pm have to fetch gf lar. 3 - working (understand lar)... Next time before you know a new friend, bring a dictionary along, ask if they understand the meanings of being someone's true friend. By just saying "I'm your best friend" don't mean shits, ok? Farkers.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Korean Series

Sigh.. if you wanna watch love romantic tearjerker movies, you seriously ought to tune into korean series. Why did I say that? Oh.. I was influenced by my mother. She's so into those hot sizzling Korean dudes, especially that Winter Sonata main lead actor. Say how good-looking he is & etc, then my dad will be like sitting there, rolling his eyes.. Hehe..
I've watched so many Korean Series with my mom. Sometimes I really have no intentions in watching or catching up with the episodes, but once I lazily lay my ass on the couch when she's watching it, I'll get hooked. (as the guys are seriously hot bods :P, the story is well..touching, but don't ever think love like those will exist.. dream on.. romantic 'loyal' guys only appear in movies.. for instance, 10 million bucks on your right, the girl on your left? guess which side guys nowadays will choose? heheh)

Anyway, Korean series plots are almost all the same. The negative impact of possessive love, path of self-destruction, character duality, identity problems, different reactions to the loss of love, love triangles, family disapproval, and the ending... fate prevailed no matter what others did to prevent the destined lovers from getting together. And most of the story main leads, duno-why, sure got cancer la, diseases la, will definitely die but duno how they manage to stay alive to end the plot. Same old story plots le.. just different backgrounds & characters. Despite the heart-touching story plots, the soundtracks are like.. fuiyohhh.. chun!
This tv drama series (below) successfully revealed the manifestations of love in real life, to which everyone in the audience could relate.

1. Winter Sonata 2. Stairway to Heaven

The korean series I've watched so far were.. Winter Sonata, 1% of something, All about eve, Full House, Stairway to Heaven, Autumn in the Heart, Hotelier, Jewel in the palace.. etc etc... The link (just the list) is below.. can check it out.. if ya interested..

  • Korean Series

  • Oh ya.. forgot to mention.. Kwon Sang Woo is very HOT ok!!!~

    Monday, May 22, 2006

    movies, anyone??

    Seriously, why do we watch movie? for the fun of it? entertainment? castings? story plots? kena force? dating? kissing & carressing in the cinema hall? hahaha

    Anyway, come to think of it.. for me.. hmm.. why I watch 'the' movies? Let's see..
    - Harry Potter? - 'cos i've read the books..
    - Constantine? - 'cos Keanu Reeves is hot.. And the movie turned out to b way better than I've expected.. Seriously.. how can a guy be that old & so hot??!!
    - Spiderman? - 'cos I've watched the cartoons on Saturdays' mornings?? And also Kristen Dunst..
    - She's a man? - 'cos Channing Tatum is oh goshhh.. sizzling hott!!
    - Chronicles of Narnia? - 'cos it's mystical stuff.. I like.. hehe
    - Lord of the rings? - Weirdly.. I din watch any at all..
    - Star Wars? - 'cos err...everyone's talking bout it..
    - Ice Age? - 'cos my brother force me to..
    - King Kong? - 'cos that time.. Narnia's ticket was sold out...
    - FengShui? - 'cos me & Layfong is superstitious.. hehe
    - Fearless? - 'cos.. it's like Jet Li's last fight movie?
    - Ladder 49? - 'cos Yvonne ask me to join the gang movie 'date'.. it was a super nice movie.. I cried at the end..
    - Titanic? - 'cos everyone in school is so into Jack Dawson / Leonardo Dicaprio.. (my high school malay teacher actually named his son as Leonardo.. *gag)
    - Puteri Gunung Ledang? - support local industry? hahah no la.. seriously I don't know why I've watched it though, even everyone told me they slept hafway..
    - Mission Impossible - errr.. Tom Cruise? Maggie Q? actually it's because that day got no other movie to watch..
    - Animation..cartoonss...Nemo, SHarktale - 'cos can watch without brain.. hehhe
    - The Wild - 'cos me & ManYee got nothing to do in Pyramid..
    - Troy? - 'cos I like costumes & Brad's pack... :P
    - Van Helsing? - 'cos the preview is cool..
    - Memoirs of Geisha? - 'cos got Michelle Yeoh, GongLi & Ziyi..
    - Police Story 5? - 'cos I've watched all the 'story's & especially 5??? Daniel WU... duh!~
    - Scary Movie? - 'cos it's stupid..
    - The Perfect Man? - 'cos Hillary Duff is in it..
    - Charlie's Angels? - 'cos of Cameron Diaz.. her body is...fuiyoohh.. cunn!!
    - Glitter? - 'cos to prove Mariah can't act.. well.. I'm right after all..
    - Mean Girls? - 'cos it's a typical teen flick &.. err.. Lindsay Lohan
    - Pirates of Carribean? - 'cos kena force.. Sheah Mei didn't want to go on a single date with ekay during their courtship 'session'.. Johhny Depp is.. ooo~~~ heheh
    - The Corpse Bride? - 'cos Johnny Depp's voice.. haha
    - The Ring, Mirror.. all those Japanese & Korean's ghost movies - cos just wanna feel scared for a moment.. because their story plot always never make sense in the end..
    - The Final Destination 1 - 'cos LayFong ask me to check Devon Sawa out
    - The Final Destination 2 - 'cos the first was great...
    - The Final Destination 3 - 'cos the 2nd was not that bad either.. mana tau.. the 3rd is.. bleehhh!!!~
    - Terminator? - 'cos my uncle kept talking bout it since Terminator 1 is out
    - Da Vinci Code? (haven watch yet) - definitely the story. the book was good!!~

    I'm so typical, huh? hahaha..

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    kanasai & shits

    Sigh. I'm so depressed now.
    One part of the bloody kite 'pecah' straight after the first test fly..
    Kanasai right?
    So restless. Duno how to hand in tmr.
    Even if I get it done by tonight, no wind to test fly.
    Don't ask me on lotsa fans & test fly ok.. bloody stupid!!~
    chao for now..~

    halfway to somewhere

    Watching Ricky Martin's 'I don't care' mv. Watching him shaking his bii-dong-dongs, looking alright. My brain is like spinning so fast that I can hardly concentrate. My kite is hafway there. That day test-fly at exam hall (all cos of super heavy downpour), I didn't try my mock-up cos the structure was not strong enough. Only Annie's can fly that day. Anyway, I was workin' on my UFO kite late evening.. can fly a bit eventhough it wasn't even windy. So hopefully can work. I'm really worried cos deadline is like on this coming Monday. Sheeshhh..
    And I cannot find anything on greenbuildings tonight lerr.. how to start Archi-tech4 tomorrow.. sketches lagi.. aiks.. design development for kites also haven upgrade.
    sien la. sleepp first.... damn!!!~~~ thought got everything planned out.. but shits.. nothing!!!~

    Friday, May 19, 2006

    Last Saturday – Wesak Day

    Saturday boring afternoon, went to temple with dad & siblings. Weather was hot & stuffy, mom wanna stay at home.

    Went to ‘Nan Fang Shi’ by the highway to Port Klang. It was their new renovated building & way bigger than their previous building. It’s not exactly those typical temple with dragons & phoenix on their roof, it’s more like a praying hall. I used to go there when I was a kid, cos my nanny is a voluntary worker there. Till now actually. Sunday school, activities & etc. Now seldom dy unless during occasions.

    Every Wesak day, despite the ‘bathe-the-god’ thingy called ‘yi-foh’ in mandarin, they normally held sort-of like a canteen day thingy. Haha… Duh… Have to purchase coupon in order to buy their vegan food there – burger, spaghetti, pau, lamb-chop, ais kacang, asam laksa & many more… all vegetarian. Sort of for charity of the temple too. Donation or etc..

    The ‘yi foh’ thing was held on the third floor of the building. Wow. Seriously nice for a praying hall. It’s more to like contemporary zen look. The ‘shi jiao mor ni’ statue is also new. First floor – sort-of receptionist area, small café, purchase praying books & accessories. 2nd floor is more to private area – office, nun’s room. 3rd floor is the whole praying hall. Though it is only a 3 storey building, elevator is provided.

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    not-that-bad day!!

    Class over. In com lab again. Linlin's class was cancelled. In a way, I was frustrated because I have stayed up the whole bloody night to prepare for the climate shift write-up & presentation.. but in another way, I was glad that I can still do more research to have a better understanding on my topic

    So I received Farah & Chloe's sms regarding this morning's class cancelled around 7.30am. I dint realise till when I woke up around 8.15am. Then I thought I could go back to sleep cos Minor is in the afternoon. Shits. Got Redzwan's sms pulak. Class shifted to morning. Aiyo. Grrr.. Last night I did a few sketches on the Hotel California song.. My brain was dumb-strucked. Guess what was my reference to concept drawing... My old SAILORMOON comics.. Hahaha.. Well, at least it worked my 'creativity' up & was able to come up with a few imaginary sketches.

    Redzwan showed us some of the good concept designers' work. Dermot Power, FengZhu, Ari Below, Spart, Scott Robertson. Wow!! and I really mean WOW!!!.. I mean they're pro. Duh!!~ The one guy's work that I really like is Dermot Power. He did for Harry Porter, StarWars, Batman Return, Charlie & the chocolate factory.. seriously man.. can check out his site

    After seeing all this, how can he expect us to draw like this?!???

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006

    HELL vs HAEL

    13 May 2006
    A little bird flew in yesterday evening. Told me something that I should know months ago, but no, this little bird decided to only tell me now. Speaking of bad timing, everything that happened between this bird and me is always wrong timing. Nothing fitted well. Probably this is our ‘fate’. Maybe we’re never meant for each other.

    Anyway this post is not about this birdie & me, it’s about the latest update of a ‘chicken’ story. A chicken that I’ve once owned for 5 days. Running away from reality is really sucking, huh? Kissed me on the cheek by daylight, whispered ‘I love you’ & suddenly the chicken was totally gone from the picture by dark. I mean, maybe things got tough or introverted, and yet He chose to hide away from the rest of the world, especially me... Fine with me. What’s the point of pushing Him when He has no intentions of facing you anymore right? People always say life is full of choices. But no one mentioned fear. No one mention the fear of facing all the obstacles that going to stumble through your way.

    the REAL situation
    You did a silly mistake, a big one in your life, you shared it with me, I talked you out, you asked me to hold you hand & face it together… I said fine though I told you everything is on a fast pace for us. That night, you disappeared. I was anxious. Duh~ obviously. I thought you were in danger, injured or a free one-way ticket to HELL. First night – no news. Second night – still no news. Five days passed – just a sms quoting ‘I’m sorry to make you worry. I need some time to cool my own problems. Don’t worry.”. A month – no calls, no sms, no news, nothing, nil - zilch. Yesterday? All I’ve heard is you bloody backstab me for no f//king reason.

    the 7 Stupid measures
    1. Don’t tell me everything if you plan to backstab me one day. Obviously I’ll stab you back in return, probably twice as hard. Vain.
    2. Don’t come begging for my pity that all your friends always betray you. If you know the meaning of ‘friends’, your friend won’t make you a ‘betray-hobby’ & you won’t crap so much about your ‘brother’ friend who I’m also closed too.
    3. Don’t exaggerate your past with me. I have no concern & curiosity in that. In fact, you’re making yourself sound foolish & ‘big-piece’. Exaggerating = lies. And no one likes history.
    4. Don’t go telling, saying that one day you’ll explain to me. I’m sorry dude. Too late & ain’t concerned me. You die, your problem. I’m cruel? You made me.
    5. Don’t deny any shits you crap.
    6. Don’t think you snatch me away from someone else, then I’ll let you cop a feel on me?? I’m not that easy for you to pounce on. Pervert.
    7. You’re born stupid & pure chicken. I’m sorry I can’t cure you. In fact, who wants you cured?

    the good
    One immature blind ass, with no light at the end of the tunnel.
    Guess we’re not in a one way street. And thank god for that.
    the question mark
    - it's either He is really a BAD assss
    - or the bird is an exaggerated LC

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    hotel california

    Today's tutorial wasn't that bad. Did some short research on the kites, aerofoils etc etc. Found out more bout Leonardo Da Vinci flying machine & how he got the idea from the birds. Damn him man. This guy seriously know a lot of shits. What also he wanna to be a part of. Too bad he's so dead that he got so famous now. I can't wait for that DaVinci Code movie ler. Hope it's really that good as the book. It'll really be much disappointing if it's not. Hmm.. I'm thinking of buying that big DVC book with pictures in it. Do you think I should? It's costly though. Sighh.. Start school, no income. PK dyy..
    Yesterday's Minor class was actually a concept design module. All about concepts & themes. In the states, they're called the entertainment designers. Saw some of Redzwan's previous sketches & presentations. My jaw fell. I mean it's prety impressive, and that was what I have to do (not as good laa) for this module. Wahhh.. tension & stress on my shoulders man. First assignment given again - INTERPRETATION. Draw or sketch out anything that you can interpret from the song "Hotel California" by the eagles. Aiyoooo....
    Can someone give me a hand.. draw me to HELLLL!!!!!

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    waiting for class

    Just finished my Building Science lecture. About sustainability development. Global warming, the earth, Easter Island, ecosystem etc etc etc.. Seriously I only understand half of the lecture. It's been such a long long long time since I've touched on science-y things. Anyway it was interesting though to learn some really good stuff today & it actually reminded me on how seldom I read the papers. I mean I do read papers but more on duh.. TV Guide, comics, news such as who got raped, fire, dead, accident etc etc etc. Seldom on environmental & politics news. My lecturer, Lin Lin was talking about this show - The Day After Tomorrow. I wanted to watch it when the movie came out but didn't at last because Eric told me the movie was way way way boring & lotsa lotsa lotsa of words. I thought the preview was good but he said not worth the bucks. Sigh. Now I gotta find the dvd & watch it. Same goes to Waterworld. Ishhh.. today already got assignment. 5-minutes presentation on any environmental news issues from the papers. How? Anyone help to suggest a good topic for my presentation??? Pretty pleasseee... Anything on which animal is gonna extinct or which new species is found, or tornados, hurricanes.. anythingg!!!!

    easter island, once a sub-tropical island turned biological waste at 1722A.D.

    AND I haven't start on my Archi Design3 assignment yet. Damn.. I don't know how to start actually. That's why I stuck myself in the com lab trying to do some research on flying & floating. Hahah.. oh ya. Com Lab cannot print gehhh... no wonder the resources fees so cheap. Ceh. oh ya again!! the food is super cheap. 1 buck for a plate of fried rice with egg. Hhehehe.. Gotta head back to work. Till then..
    p/s : my house phone line is backk!!!! cheerss!!!

    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    today - i'm bored

    First Assignment 08 May 2006
    Finally the first class started. Interior Architecture Design 3. Two sems merged in a class. Only 3 girls in Sem 4 - me, Farah & Phoenix. Then there’s Sem 5 – Annie, Chloe, Tung & Darryl. Merely seven in a class. Sigh. Lesser chances to ponteng dyy. Added an optional subject – Building Science : Designing for Sustainability. Still can change my mind till 19 May.

    So anyway, got my assignment today. Again researches, proposals, design & presentations. Err.. fly kite.. err.. how airplane fly.. em.. turbulence, aerofoil, errr.. principles of flights?? Redzwan asked us to learn how to fly a kite & how a kite fly ‘cause our task is to make a kite that can fly. Not those ordinary diamond shape kite. But something different in its shape & materials, I guess. Further, marks will be based on whether our kite can fly (& float in air) or not. Aiks. Super-no-idea how to start my first assignment. OH ya, guess where our kites will be tested?? During our excursion with the rest of freshies, juniors & seniors next month?!?!?! Seriously, if my kite can’t fly, how embarrassing can I get?

    p/s: despite the assignments, the feeling of coming back to school makes me feel young & lighthearted again w/o the reality constant worries.. Hahaaha.. :p

    Guilty as price charged 05 May 2006
    Damn. Paid my fees today. Went Mid Valley with LayFong. Kena “tipu” again. Bought that DKNY Apple perfume I’ve been craving for so long. 185 bucks each. We each bought one and free 2 DKNY bracelets, 1 sling bag, 1 pouch & a Tommy Hilfiger shimmer lotion. That poor sales-guy, haha.. The promotion was actually buying one apple, free one bracelet for 185. We talked him out in giving us more. And he did after minutes of persuading him. But still, I don’t really need a new perfume. I’m still using my FCUK. That’s why I’m feeling guilty for spending money on something I don’t really need but super like. Haha. I’m such a weirdo. Watched Mission Impossible 3 today. TGV Bukit Raja, Cinema 1. Big screen. Make me realize Tom Cruise’s nose is so-not-that-nice. One of the good movies I’ve watched this year. Though some parts were a bit... ermm.. too “co-incidence”. Ermm.. recommended anyway.

    A Day where Nothing was Done 04 May 2006
    Whole week’s classes were cancelled. Sigh. No-where to go. Nothing to do.
    - Lunch with Raymond. (people got new car.. Chevrolet kononnn..)
    - Went Ikea with LayFong. Back in Klang for tea at KopiTiam. Double-parked outside the café, sat outside, and keeping an eye on my car. Got 2 monkeys sitting so coincidently in front of us. As we chatting, laughing, we glanced at my car; both of them kept thinking we were like staring & so smiley at them, so they also kept looking back at us. Bin-per-kau.
    - Called ZhongHau aka “the shy guy” today, to me, at least I think he is. :P
    - Reached home – dinner, American Next Top Model, porridge-ing then BED.

    Class - Day One 02 May 2006
    Last night sleeping was a problem. Didn’t know what to expect the next day.
    Woke up early to avoid the heavy traffic on Federal Hway. Not so familiar with Kesas yet. Kesas nearer but toll more expensive, meanwhile Federal toll cheaper, but longer route. So how? Aiya. Not much difference la. Cheaper toll = higher petrol bill.

    Reached uni, still with a hoarse voice. Went to studio, LayFong called. She came up 4th floor to meet me. Chatted for awhile till I notice it was fifteen minutes late & yet no lecturer. Went to faculty, talked to Kelvin. After minutes of discussion between Diana, Zani & whoever-in-charge of the time-table, then only we were told that the lecturer Su-Koh will only sign in next week. Fine then. Kena FFK first day. My class – Degree IA Sem 4 only got 3 students. And 3 girls only.
    So sien. No ‘chai’ to ‘kap’. Lesser motivation. :P

    Then another thing that surprised me was, I didn’t know private uni also provide discounted price for bumiputra students. Damn. My fees for the 1st semester inclusive of all resources & necessary fees is 6767 bucks. Farah got 7% discount. Seems little right? When you do the deduction from my fees, it’s a total of RM473.69. Little? Not really. Sigh. Whyyy????

    So after kena ffk, went Pyramid, met up with ManYee. Bought a super-cheap bag. 12 bucks nia. Watched ‘The Wild’. Nice show. Nice father & son lion. Sitting in front of me is a freako lioness with wild mane. This big girl perm-ed her hair like Scary Spice, tied a headband, shove the whole hair off her seat’s head-rest. Walau. Keep fidgeting her hair (shaking it like as if it’s a windmill) every fifteen minutes. It bloody kept sweeping on my knee like a bloody poodle’s ass. It was so frustrating. The feeling was like having a little cat walking pass your leg under your mamak table. Just gave you such sudden chills. I mean it was that type of hair that even a housefly would trapped to death in her tangle of masses. I seriously prefer Medusa’s hair style more. Looking at her hair in the dark is like a fan of pubic hair. Hahaha.. I’m bad but it’s the truth. Perming hair is not a crime. But treat it with proper ‘care’.

    Oh yeah. Got a new friend today. New class-mate. Her name is Phoenix.

    Labour Day 01 May 2006
    Makes no difference to me. Me no working anymore. Hehe.

    A Foolish Day 29 April 2006
    Mom went to Thailand yst for hols leaving us all at home. Woke up at 9. Forced myself to sleep till 12. Haha.. Woke up with a voice of a man, I think I have laryngitis. Watching tv & doing the house chores the whole day is absolutely positively boring.

    Played badminton with my dungu sis. And oh-my-god. Sheeshh.. pissing me off with her badminton ‘skills’. Hit the shuttlecock to her behind, air ball all the way, we’re like not playing badminton but just picking up the cocks from the ground. I mean, she can serve shuttlecock till it hit her head. Wahh.. each round never lasted after 2 serves. My brother on his bike, teasing her all the way, and the next second he was on the ground sexily posed topless. Why? He fell from his bike when he wants to make a sharp u-turn. We laughed, he laughed & suddenly he cried. Weirdo.

    Another stupid thing. Gosh. The new national tv channel, tv9. I was watching that squarepants spongebob cartoon. They translated it into Malay. Aiyeerr… Cannot tahan la. The background music is so off, & the character voices are horrible, so straight-emotionless. So dull. But when that bob started singing a short silly song “When I Ripped my Pants”, they put it back into the original English version. Wah-piangg!! Suddenly malay, suddenly English. Where can see 1? And what makes me start to really hate local Malay cartoons is that ‘Keluang Man’? Total bodohhhh...

    Went 1U with ManYee & Paul tonight. So paiseh made them wait for half hour plus. Forgive me just because I drove Vios that day. Haha.. Pek-chik. Dinner at TGIF. Paul so happy cos got fashion show. Force myself to buy something at TopShop just because I don’t wanna waste my 25 bucks voucher. 3 of us did something super embarrassing (in public) with the fire-rated escape door that I really don’t wanna talk about it. Hehe. Super super dumb. Laughed our asses off till we reached our car. It was a good night-out though.