Saturday, June 30, 2007

shit happens again

sometimes SHIT HAPPENS.
hate the fact that today was the total opposite of yesterday.
hate the fact that how drastic things changed from day to night.
hate the fact that I cried twice horribly tonight.
hate the fact that life is so fucking hard.
hate the fact that I HATE EVERYTHING tonight.

Friday, June 29, 2007

transformers.. robots in diguise~~

WOW i tell you..

Today's outing was great. Went MidValley with Raymond, HuayPin.
Met up later with Charlie, Olivia, BoonKee and his friend (whom I didn't get his name).
The reason mainly why I think it was great 'cos I got to watch Transformers.
WWeee.... *skipping around giddily*

Happy happy. Finally got to see my Optimus Pride in real and the damn yeng BumbleBee.
EHhh it was WAY COOOLL mann.. serious.
Now I know why so many people was getting cuckoo for the past months before Transformers was released. *grins*

The ticket booking was crazy... or should I say ticket-selling?
During lunch, everyone crowded at the booths to buy tickets for duno-when.
All tickets from 6.30pm till 12.30am today and tomorrow are already SOLD OUT in MidValley!!! Siao!!

View this clip below. See how much you can recall.
Watched this cartoon like hell last time when I was a kid.
Damn. So long ago man.. really memories down the trails.
Excited to watch the movie. That's why. (For the wiki, click *here*)

The AutoBots = Optimus Pride, BumbleBee, Jazz, Ratchet, IronHide
Decepticons = Megatron, StarScream, Frenzy, Barricade, BoneCrusher

At first, Raymond was the one bising-bising die-die must watch Transformers today.
Then, AhHuay was so funny.. kept singing and humming.. "Transformers... More than meets the eye.. Transformers... Robots in Disguise..." (full lyrics, click *here*)
I was only keep thinking of the corny cartoons and the Optimus Pride toy I used to have when I was a kid and also shopping later!!!


But after the movie and during the movie too, it was like me and AhHuay were more excited and noisy compared to Raymond. Hahahhaa.. keep muttering and saying, "EHhhh damn cool weyyy..." Ok. REALLY damn COOL ok.

Haha. Ok. I don't want to like really bising so much bout Transformers BUT YOU GUYS REALLY HAVE TO WATCH IT or at least check out the website *here*.
No single minute or second of boring-ness part in it.
When we were watching, we were with like.. WWOoowWW... *jaw dropped*
Holding one breath the whole way.
(Ok ok. i might be exaggerating too much but really.. *phew)

Uncle Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay.. i salute u man.. hahahhaha too much d.
Flawless transformation.

Ok lar. I'm really still excited over the movie.
Watching it the second time or third ain't a problem for me.
So, Yvonne, when you wanna watch? I can teman you... LOL~
Ok. I'm still excited.
I didn't get to shop anything today though.
But I'm still excited. Very.
ARHHhhh.. transformers.. robots in disguise~~~~~...

Watch it ok.
No regrets guaranteed.
With the ending like that, just expect a definite Part2.

p/s : sorry for being so kiddish but I just couldn't help it. LOL.
AhHuay's msn nick = Transformers the coolest movie ever!!... hehehhe.
see? watch lar.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

i want an once in a lifetime love

All time favorite song.
Ease any unhappy moments with *snap*. Just like that.

Keith Urban - Once in a Lifetime

I can see it in your eyes,
And feel it your touch.
I know that you’re scared,
But you’ve never been this loved.

It’s a long shot baby,
Yeah I know it’s true.
But if anyone can make it,
I’m betting on me and you.

Just keep on moving into me.
I know you’re gonna see,
The best is yet to come.

Don’t fear it now we’re going all the way.
That sun is shining on a brand new day.
It’s a long way down and it’s a leap of faith,
But I’m never giving up,
‘Cause I know we got a once in a lifetime love.

Everybody’s looking for what we found.
Some wait their whole life,
And it never comes around

So don’t hold back now just let go,
On all you’ve ever known.
You can put you’re hand in mine.

I close my eyes and I see you standing right there.
Saying “I do” and they’re throwing the rice in our hair.
Well the first one’s born and a brother comes along
and he’s got your smile.
I been looking back on the life we had still by your side.

p/s: LeeHom got new song. His voice is hella good mannn.. so his style. Love ballad. Now waiting for his loyal number1 fan, Yvonne to tell me the title. I've only heard on radio once. Hehehe...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

had enough!!

exhaustion is what we felt lately.
today, frustrated is more like it.
i'm giving up.. i mean we're giving up. *shrugs*
just let bygones be bygones..
just let whatever comes.. comes.

we shared a great news over a phone-call just now..
our parents stood with us and helped us through emotionally.
at least that eased our hearts and cheered our mood.

nevertheless, we are thankful, and words can't tell the level of our sincere gratitude
to those who back us up, who supported us, and stand with us.
like what she said, "people make mistakes, as long as we learn from them."
we are touched and again, sorry for bringing up the unintentional mess.

2 weeks. long or short? don't care lar.
like what he said, "We have a life to go on too. Just let it pass."
Way true. Thanks for the pep talk that day.


Monday, June 25, 2007

a dilemma to hide

She sms'ed me just now, "I understand. I sounded happy 'cos I'd just cried out a lot during shower. Feeling at least much better. You should do the same."

I tried to cry out loud, let everything out but my tears just ain't flowing out.
Tears wet my eyes during the "talk" today.
No idea why they started disobediently falling..
not because I was sad, or happy, or... I really don't know.
I was just.. all tightened up.

I don't know how I am feeling now.
I don't know how should I be feeling now.
I don't know how to overcome this "no-feeling" feeling,
but yet feeling so suffocating?

To go beyond limitations are not what we intended to do
To promote sabo-ation is something that never crossed our minds.
To offend and hurt others are something we have total no clue of doing.
No harmful intentions. No negative plans. No.. nothing bad..
but things just went the other way round and slapped us tight on our faces.

To turn back time is impossible.
To fast forward the time is a form of escaping.
To face the time as it is now.. it is.. err.. *speechless*
I want to erase the negativity thoughts but I couldn't.
It became a lesson of life that I don't want to face it down again.
Obstacles down the path, with us knocking each down with great uncertainty.

I had enough of me being so pessimistic lately.
It's hard satisfying all needs of everyone.
Hard to meet all expectations.
Hard to answer questions that we have got no answers for.
The hardest to face own fear with great dilemma and suffocation.

A friend used to tell me once, "You should have been..."
But the situation now only allows me to say, "We should not have been..."

Right now, I felt helpless and weak.
With no intentions turned full BAD intention impression.
It is hard to digest everything.. it is hard to even believe that this is actually happening.
I really do not want this to happen. We really don't.

To regain confidence.
To bring back trust.
It is saddening.
Unintentionally causes chaos.
Unawareness causes discomfort.
Unethical causes obnoxious.
I am just.. unhappy.. stressed..
Just can't lightened up..
I.. really don't know how to make myself feel better.

Someone please tell me..
how should I feel? or what should I feel?
I really want things to get back to normal.
I don't want to live life in suspense.

It's really suffocating.
help me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

pasta leads to 200 pounds

OOOoooo.. i made dinner for daddy's day.
Mom didn't wanna go squeeze with others to celebrate daddy's day dinner outside tonight.
But she lazy to cook or do anything today plus that's y she was in such a good mood today.

Bought a chocolate cake for my daddy..
and made pasta and mushroom soup for dinner.
(i'm always making pasta hor.. but tonight was on siblings' choice of food)

Tonight's pasta was simply-meatless.
Dad and mom went for some organic talk.
Started to really really conscious on health lately especially since they're aging.

Ingredients (serves 4.5) are just -
- lotsa garlics (some chopped and some sliced)
- 1 onion, 1 green pepper
- prawns (goreng-goreng with garlic, black pepper and butter)
- bashful of parsley, dried oregano leaves
- olive oil
- shoestrings spaghetti

Simple yet healthy. Everyone enjoyed it and I'm happy. =P
Happy Daddy's Day, DAD!!!!

* * * * * * *

I went MidValley with ManYee yesterday after BScience supp paper. Hanging around, shopping and lunch-ing at All Star Sports Cafe again. My fifth time and her first time there. As usual, a day-out with her sure end with a movie. We watched 200 Pounds Beauty because she's an anti-horror/ghost/thriller/goosebumps movies girl even though Men in White is a stupid comedy ghost movie. Hehehe..

Just expect it to be some ya'know typical fat stories like the Andy lau's or some teen flicks shows... but I really enjoyed this movie. Hmm.. gonna be second in my fave movies list after that sappy romantic long-time favourite movie - A Walk to Remember.

This movie is funny yet meaningful. Stereotyped yet true.
Fat people nowadays really earn no respect from the society.
They're even despised.
So sad. Beauty ain't everything.

For full plot of the movie, click *here* or *here*

This movie for me.. has no boring or dull moments. I enjoyed every bits of it.
Ending was great. Tears trickled. Sad yet overwhelming.

"If I watched this at home, I'll really cry like a pig. None stop." was what I told ManYee.

this scene (above) was great. love her voice (not sure if it's really hers)
love the song. love her. *goosebumps when she soar*

scene (below) was reall gooddd... love it. her voice drop-dead awesome (real voice)
the song very nice. she look fabulous. *at least that's what i think*

First Korean girl Kim Ah-joong that I'm so sooo crazy of her body.
Innocent kuai-kuai look. Good facial expressions. Pure natural.
Think this pic ain't good enough??.. then you should really check out the movie.

First Korean guy Joo Jin-mo *drooling* still look so fine with double-eye lids..
that is so HOT HOT HOT... sizzzlinggg HOTTT....
ya'know lar.. all girls crazy of single-eye lids guys recently especially Koreans like RAIN...
He's hot. Mature-looking. MAN. MACHO. yeng!!!

Sigh. After watching this movie.. it does carries truth bout today's society.
From pig turned swan, life's really changed.
From low self-esteem to boosting self-confidence.
If you go all out towards fame and negativity, you'll lose your family, friends and yourself.
You gain something yet you lose something at the same time.
Sighh.. sometimes.. nothing just enough.

2 SOLID reasons to really go watch it are...
for girls - you don't have to be a plastic to gain self-confidence. it's just all deep within you.
for guys - see larrr assholes.. to capture your heart and love, girls have to go all their way to be a PLASTIC to attract u. Be grateful lar.. Nosy pigs.

I gonna get the dvd and the soundtrack cd. *thumbs up*
Beautiful movie with beautiful songs with beautiful meanings.


Friday, June 15, 2007

hope tomorrow never comes

Heart beat fast.
Damn fast.
scared tomorrow when I wake up.. my heart beat will STOP.
and STUCK.. and won't be able to resume as normal d.
Icy cold, numb fingers.
Cracked head, flowing blood.
Sweating profusely.
Mixed emotions.
SCAREDDDD mannnnn....
freaking freaked out.

All 'cos of one supplementary Build Science 2 exam paper.
*screams off waving wildly in the air like some no-head bitch*

Asked those who passed, and those who damn attentive..
but no one knows.. nobody can give answers.. all scared give wrong info
'cos all of them also passed by pure luck. (according to them larr)


i need food. NOW.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chloe's Day..

Top 6 highlights of half yesterday and half today.

1. Chloe came down Klang for an one day-one night trip.
2. Chloe wants bah kut teh for dinner.
3. Chloe invited Yvonne to spend a night in my place.
4. Chloe, Yvonne and me... slept together in one King size bed at my place.
5. Chloe is forgetful.
6. Yvonne is SO not forgetful.

Oh ya. I almost forgotten. I'm not allowed to mention it, so I won't. Promise d.
If not, I'll get beaten up be in a bad bad condition. Torture to death.
But it was so so hilarous.... so so unexpected...
so so the first time.. so so the damn funny facial expressions...
so so the HAHHAHAHhahahahhahahaha.... *beh tahan*

p/s: I know i'm being silly but it was really an "eye-opener" to us all last night but I really can't tell. Hahaha.. mind me. Just forget it lar.. Just take is as I'm nuts. LOL. LMAO. ROTFLMAO.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the pencilmation

watch thisss!!!
this is so cuteeee.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

past events flash-back

Okay. Finally uploaded all the pics of happy treasured moments.

Maison- Girls' Night Out
June 8, 2007, Friday
Girls = Bernadine, Yvonne, Huaypin, Feiling, Michelle, FeeFee
Venue = Maison, Asia Heritage Row
One and Only Rule for the night = ONLY girls.

Well, it all happened because we ffk each other too many times for clubbing.
Who who not free.. who who can't make it.. who who tired
One dinner with Yvonne and Huaypin.. kautim all planning..
Called up the other girls.. All excited to go.
And off we went. And we enjoyed to the max.
We enjoyed a short korean "drama" in the beginning.. hehe.
Anyway later FeeFee was giddy and kinda drunk..
keep mumbling 2 sentences during our ride home
"Not bad leh.. 6 girls habiskan 1 chivas.. not bad not bad.. "
"Hey we should do this more often"
*burst into giggles*

Our first night out.
Our first time in Maison.
Our first time risk.
Our first time kena RAID.

Laugh all you want larrr ChoonWee.
But everything happened that night was worth an experience.
Everyone was high and happy before and after the raid.
Hmm.. during the raid too.. cam-whoring and laughing especially FeeFee..
LOL.. Can't wait for our next GIRLS' ONLY outing.
ChoonWee, you're NOT invited. =P
See who's laughing at the end.
MWahahahhaa.. LOL

Short Penang Trip
June 3, 2007, Sunday
With = Family and family's friends.. and family friend's friends.
Venue = Bukit Mertajam & Penang Island

my trip there last year.. click *here*
my another trip there.. click *here*
my another another trip there.. click *here*

Early morning before leaving for penang, went kacau my dogs,
end up ter-tengok Nana sleeping with her legs wide apart..
Mom was like,
"Aiyo this siao char boh.. sleep until liddat.. all let ppl see liao lor.. beh kian siao"
I frowned. "Ma.. she's just a dog."
Ma replied.. "So? very nice to see ar? close her legs larr" -_-

View from my hotel room. Continue from *here*
Damn kampung right?

My breakfast the next day.
OH.. i forgot.. it was FREE.
Got other food to eat.. but somehow I only want the simple traditional breakfast.
2 slices of toast bread and 1 cup of hot black coffee.

Stupid brother playing with the clip-on sunshades.
Look like the legendary Mat Kor. Hahahhaa... silly boy.

International Book Fair
June 1, 2007, Friday
With = Mom & sister
Venue = KLCC Convention Centre

I think I did mention a bit bout this if not mistaken.
Anyway.. it's here *click* i guess..

I bought only 4 books.
I found my Last Empress by Anchee Min.
I got the first part - Empress Orchid. click *here*
I love the books I've got. Mostly all 20-30% discounts.
My sister and mom bought too..
Sister on her horror and mystery books.
Mom on her health and cooking recipe books.
I'm just happy with the books I bought. Hehe.

Alan 23rd Birthday
May 23, 2007, Wednesday
People = Alan, Edmund, PohPoh, Yvonne, Feiling, Michelle, FeeFee & ChenYap
Venue = All Star Sports Cafe, Mid Valley

Happy belated-birthday once again. Hehe.
Continued from this post. click *here*

Yvonne and Feiling. I took this pic when they were posing for another.
Cute leh.. Hahaha..
Edmund and Alan (below)..
happy family.. happy colleagues.. happy friends..!!!

Food. FOOOoooDDDDdd.. YUMMYlicious FOoooDDDddd...
Four seasons dish which I was not sure which represent which season. LOL.
I love the pizza. Seafood with olives. *slurps*
Feiling (below) enjoyed it too.. See? Got prove weyyy. Blek.

After makan.. just chilling..

ChenYap (above) damn poser. Damn damn kan-chiong when you snapped his pic.
He will run over to ur side and preview the photo in "zoom" mode.

Yvonne jerling only. Hahaha.. but she meant nothing lar.
Just some "pose" candid-picture 'cos after I snapped it.. she laughed.
Weird hor? I also think so.

Hahaha.. all done. Sorry.. it's one long post.
Back to sleep.
Night night. See ya.
Hugs & cares.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

empty cans make most noise

Can't you just SHUT UP!!!!!!!
all you do is just making noise!!!
empty can!!!!
Ask me find work.. got work d..
then u bising!!!!!!! say all i do is to face the pc
assignment also got prob..
work also got prob...
u think i'm wat??? some 24/7 free-toll-number standby taxi ar???
everything also wanna crap
crap crap crapppp!!!!
nothing to do with the topic..
also u can crap out some totally illogical things to criticise
Things not true.. u also can say..
Things never happen.. u also can assume already happened..
WAHHHh.... go be scriptwriter la thenn..
imagination so wild..
be the second J.K. Rowling larrr...
FED UP!!!!!!!

i got my own thinking
i got my own feelings
i got my own shits to do

we're not one individual with only ONE brain
don't expect me to think like u.. or do ur way...
even siamese twins don't think alike.
everytime say i duno how to think on ur behalf..
but u never DID think on MY behalf!!!!
PLEASE LARRRR... just SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I will feel sorry or regret one day.. but not now..
just let me go screamingggg and BLAST MY INNER SELF OUT!!!!!!
Beh tahannnn.... I need a therapy. SOON.
if not.. u'll visit me soon in Hospital Bahagia.

Friday, June 08, 2007

sudah tukar-lah

tonight at Maison, KL.
not velvet.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

"as velvet as underground"

Mis-communication leads to misunderstand.
Misunderstand leads to mis-confusion.

Mis-confusion leads to... mis-comfort.
mind my england. today quite powderful.


Anyway.. went movie with SepetRay this afternoon
Sheeeshhh.. wanna watch Shrek3.. mana tau he watched d. *geram*
So at that timing.. only got one movie available.. which was "The Last Mimzy"

Saw the short preview when I was watching Pirates3 that time.
Like I said before.. trailers are always "tipu" one..
well.. not always.. at least most of the time.
I'm not quite a science fiction movie-fan.
I don't even like Star Wars. No offense. *grimaced*

I quite like the girl. The leading actress. Hehehe. Rhiannon Leigh Wryn.
Good in acting at that young age of hers. Real natural. Very nice eyes.
The movie was kinda about these 2 kids found a box washed up shore.
Well.. then this happen.. then that happen.. hahaha check it out *here*
Still don't quite get it??.. got the trailer here..

After the movie.. someone grumbled hungry.
Went PakLi BBK. for late late lunch for SepetRay & early early dinner for me..
Terserempak with LayFong pulak at AhMa Kopitiam.
Called her over and talked many cocks. Biasa lar. hahaha
Hmm.. ntg much though happening today.
Hoping tmr will be better.. at least enjoyable and *fingers crossed*
like what Huaypin said over the phone just now.
Hahahha... Fat chance hor?

Going to Velvet tomorrow. Girls' Night Out.
Girls confirmed - Me, Yvonne, Huaypin, Berny, FeiLing, Fee, Fee's friends.
Not comfirmed? I think got 3-4 more girls kua.
Anyone wanna join? Hehe.
hopefully won't change venue last minute.

Silly Ming say will join if I blanja him he's not SO TAKEN.
Got gf dee.. hau lian. Sighhh.... *shakes head*

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

suddenly ok.. suddenly not..

Not knowing what was wrong with me tonight.
Not feeling well.
Head throbbing.
Can't think of any practicality and make-sense things..
especially when I tengah cracking for design. craps. hateful.
and I think Yvonne's gonna kill me tomorrow.

This afternoon lagi enjoyed playing msn jigsaw with Phoenix.
I was pretty keen on completing the puzzle.
I din't know got such games. Serious.
I know I "belakang" lately.. I admit sudahhh ok. =P
anyway we did completed the puzzle though with just one glance on the pic.

No biggie on who's winning.. (saying this 'cos I'm on the losing side. hehehe)..
can partially blame it on ChaiSeong.
Tak habis-habis showing me his corporate profile for rooms of improvements..
Hahaha.. don't crap too much.. later he think I sabo him.
He's a nice guy okayyy... but he's old and taken.

Sigh. Feeling real uneasy now.
Just puked my dinner out.
Dinner at 7.30pm.
Puked now at 1.20am.
How can I puke after more than 4 hours of digestion?
Damn. Bizarre.
Guess vinegar doesn't mix well with my no-breakfast-lunch-today hungry stomach...
Hmm.. it's either the vinegar.. or the santan..
Oh well.
Leason learnt.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

miss my bed

i'm back from penang
the trip was so-so only..
din really go anywhere much this time..
previously was slightly more fun.. click *here* and *here* for previous trips..

about 15 of us this trip.. 3 cars..
sounds fun hor?
nobody my age to have major fun with larrr..
either way too old..
or way too young.. -_-
can't blame the boring-ness..
main point going.. NOT for holidays..
is for the nose treatment..

why got hill hor?? guess la what place is this..
this was taken from my hotel room..
and speaking of hotel.. hmmm... tsk tsk.. *gagged*

Day 1
just went for the treatment..
makan.. lepak.. makan..
balik hotel..
chor dee with the girls..
then sleep..

Day 2
leaving penang..
wanna go rendam air panas at ipoh
plans backfired cos heavy rain and jam
sleep in car..

when i find some time..
will upload some more pics (but don't expect lots)
cos din't really enjoy much though.
came back with boxes of tau-sar-piah..
and super expensive durians...
and.. a bad bad sore throat. *sober*

Class starting tomorrow.
DAMNation shall begins....