Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i like i like

Currently preparing a concept proposal for this high-end Semi D...
Browsing through the net & found some concepts I really like...
pssttt... for my future home... (if i marry a rich hubby) hehhehehehhee
*evil grins*

I have such simple taste right... hehhehe... tsk.

Ok ok.. back to work.
More pix coming up..
and and and... *stammers* no time to upload my Hongkong pix..
*grim face*
Soon soon k...
Be backkkkkkkkkkkk!!!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

only 3 sentences

i'm TIRED!!!!!
i'm feeling HOT!!!
STUPID &*#^$*&!@!% WEATHER!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

sexy cups to cover zero jugs

I was at 1U having dinner with Tess just now.
Walked past the Oval concourse and heard a loud cheer with some noisy background music..
Went over to peep.. and Ohhhh Triumph's having their fashion show.
I was at the 3rd floor looking down..
Ohhh sooo many peoplee... mostly guys.. like seriously a lot of guys..

I mean.. even when i saw the models' boobies... i went... waaaaa..... *jaw dropped* nice...
Big and "vibrating"... hahahahhaa... their tagline for the show was..
Zero to Sexy..
Zero to sexy simply means... say ZERO to that "gap"= full cleavage.. etc etc..
Their new collection... Maximizer Bra Promo... A set of bra for RM180..
I will check it out soon when I got more time... Need to at least feel the bra cups mar...
More info *here*

This was the best zoom i can get from my phone.. all the way from the highest floor..
And again.... arghhhh....
Malaysian are not that "open"... so whatsoever kind of lingerie fashion show...
still need to wear jacket or some thingy to cover the so-called "over-exposed" area...
Shheeeshhh... even i see also "no syok d"...
but leh... i bet a lot of boners were there standing straight there and then...
cos' they were really HUGE.. and FULL and.. ohhh gawdd.......

Shitt I can't stop now... ahhahahahahahhaha
though this do not mean I'm not happy with my jugs..
i repeat.. I am happy with mine...



Thursday, April 23, 2009

welcome me back ok!?

i'm back!!! from hongkong!! hehehhehe
great stress-reliever from the hassle in KL....
but got drowned in the busy streets of HongKong...
but at least it's carefreeeeeee~~~ and weather was so so so fine..

Will update more often lately I hope..
More pix coming right up!~~~ possibly in facebook first..
see ya~~.....

Still in a very very very holiday mood.
my mind & soul still wandering along the streets at Tsim Sha Tsui...
Aww gawddd... *pulling myself together* ahemmmm!!

Yes.. i'm wearing that shirt.
Yes that "I LOVE HK" shirt..
hahahaha *grins* *grins*


Friday, April 17, 2009

greetings from hongkong!!

Sitting here in a pub at minden avenue street. Wifi available here.
Nice. Loves.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

flying within a few hours

guess where i'll be in the next few days???!! Hehehe

But no worries. I'll be back by next week.
Hope i'll have a splendid holiday. Will miss you guys much.
Will definitely post some stuff up if i get wifi there.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

hair.. nails.. face.. what's next???

Let's see... I cropped my hair last week..

I went for manicure+pedicure this afternoon...

I still like red. No idea why. LOL. *previous* .. *again*

Gahhhh... i'm going facial tomorrow...
Hehhehe.. indulgence huh???

shit. PK d. indulging is not cheap.


Friday, April 10, 2009

fishes swim swim

I was at Tesco BBT with my mom, doing our grocery shopping...
Smelled something darn fishy & smelly.. and a lot of people crowding around tat area..
OooOoo.. Fish + seafood aisle.

So nothing to do.. free free go look look lor..
I also feel i'm quite nuisance tonight... blur-blur due to bad bad flu.
and a bit wu liao.. hahaha

Heheheh snapped some silly pixs to put up here..
i din know fishes' name as such... hehehe

"You want nyiok nyiok block?"
hahahah sooo cute the name... LOL...
Eat nyiok-nyiok then will syiok-syiok.. hahahahahah

HAhahha damn damn wu liao right????


Thursday, April 09, 2009

weird buildings - part 1 -

"Hey Welcome!!" says Mamma Potts.

I came across these weird /special/ extraordinary buildings online.
Pretty outta the mind actually.. hehehe
So just posting some up here to share with you guys if you never seen these before.

Anyway... Mamma Potts (my creation nick for this lady in pink) real name is..
Mammy’s Cupboard which is located Natchez, MS, United States.
Very very novelty look huh? hehhehe.. once u see.. u know what's inside.
A novelty architecture restaurant by the roadside definitely catch our eyes.
Konon since 1940... or based on 1940 times... not sure which.. hehe..


This is The Torre Galatea Figueras at Spain.
If not mistaken... it's by Salvador Dali. Sure you've heard bout him right??
The surreal world of Salvador Dali??? His art??
So apparently this tower was named after his wife, Gala.
It is an annex of his theater or museum.
Started of from an old building with a tower that he purchased after Gala's death...
sort of act as an extension to his museum.
Touching touching.. Yeah.. and he died here. *saddening*
I just wondering.. why eggs on the roof??
Oh alright.. mayb not eggs.. some artistic items that I really find it hard to comprehend.

Anyway.. will be back with more of these weird buildings from time to time...
Time to do my work and off to bed soon.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

s for stress, s for sucks, s for stay here i'll be back!!!!

I was looking like this (above) few weeks ago..

Then I already almost turned this (above)...
thanks to that fatass oldy client...
really a big bossy fussy wussy crazy ninny sucky client

but hey hey hey..... i din't forget u okayyy..
just pretty busy lately..
showhouses almost handover.. in fact handover d... hehhee
just a couple more things to catch up.. and and and....

i'll be back again!!!
don't worry la.. i din neglect u.

Sayang k.






Come let's do this together....

*takes a deep breath*


Did you do this with me??????
Awwww.. come on...


Thursday, April 02, 2009

how about?

when i thought everything gonna be over..
He popped some silly ass ideas to 'beautify' the already things.
I just hope he can stop everything he's trying to do.
Just stop embarrassing himself.
With all due respect, stop your brain cells from grinding super fantastic ideas n suggestions tat even Einstein can't keep up.
Seriously not giving me a breath of fresh air.

Just hope someone will go screw his stupid hideous kitty lamp..
And tat joker doraemon lamp too.