Tuesday, October 31, 2006

a little istana case study

I have to admit that sometimes I am such a freaking weird-ass.

I was so complaining and grumbling to myself on my law assignment, but not sure why today.. I kinda enjoy doing it and taking my own freako sweet time to complete it together with a CASE STUDY.

Did a case-study on Dato' Zakaria "Little Istana" in Pandamaran Klang. Thanks to Kwangli who told bout this case and that it is still hot in newspapers and tv news. Well, not so familiar with earlier new clippings, but from what I read was that this guy is building this simply gigantic and splendid building constructed on the land of approximately one acre in size.

The conservative estimate of the costs of land, construction, fittings, fixtures and other interior decoration of the building will be not less than 5 million bucks!!!

Why I take this site as my case-study??
Simply because.. it's a sizzling HOT piece of news!!!.. everyday newspaper sure got his clippings... hehhehe...
No lar.. cos we ought to do a case study on how a project or something break some laws or something.. something ler.. hehehe

So this project brings NO signboard stating the title of the land, the owner, the contractor, the plan approval date and other construction information as required by the local authority to be put up at the construction site.

A construction without approved building plan as required by the Uniform Building by-laws 1984 and the local authority (MPK) has the power to demolish the bungalow for the violation. Despite that, the house owner has breached Section 70(1) of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 for building a structure without prior approval.

Worst... he now have to pay a huge amount of penalty 10 times of the building plan fees then the building might be demolish, then heis losing his status plus job as an assemblyman.

Hmmmm, guess this is a consequence when you play the role of lawbreaker.

One last question.. why do someone need such a big house with like 17 freaking rooms??? WHyy??? NUttzzyy!!!

HEhehe.. I finished my REPORT dyy!!!
One down.. another to go!!
Gotta start on Minor Poster.


Monday, October 30, 2006

law? why law?

Drowning my sorrows into my Law assignment.

"...to understand the general idea of legal issues which are relevant to our
profession and building construction industry...

Things I don't think I understand now: -

1. Why do we have to know about "Regulations & Acts"?

2. What are legal issues which are relevant to my future profession?

3. Meanwhile, what does ID degree got to do with LAW?

4. Why do we need to go for LAW exam?

5. We are NOT lawyers.

6. We can get lawyers to do our legal works.

7. Why is Regulations and Acts important to us when bawah-meja is so popular here?

8. How the hell to identify illegal renovation or construction projects if we hardly read the papers?.. lagi lagi on issues like such...

9. We know the general law.. but why bury ourselves into funny funny akta akta and so long words acts?? There are like hundreds of freaking acts to digest lar...

10. I still don't understand why I don't understand things I should understand in order to do this assignment??

Though it's only 15 pages cum case study report, it's KILLING me.
Never like words.. so many words.. so so many WORDS WORDS WORDSS!!!!
If I am really that interested in country's law or acts or whatever codes, I'll be a LAWYER!!!


I still don't get it.
I don't.
Just don't.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

banting sepet trees

I mentioned bout my aunt's grocery store in Banting was burnt down before, right?
Well, I think I did.

Anyway, I went back there with my family again to visit her. Lotsa unsolved problems that I seriously wouldn't know how to handle, if I were her. Pity pity.

Staying now at some relative's rented house in a really kampung area though it is a low-cost corner lot single-storey terrace house, at least she seemed more at ease and relaxed now unlike how she used to work like HELL last time.

Took this picture with my donkey brother sitting there. A botak kelapa sawit tree. My sister somehow said this pic has a very "Sepet Movie" feel. Ada kah??
Hmmm.... She and her nonsense...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

shopping or kena shopped?

From 1U to Mid Valley..
From Mid Valley to Jusco, Klang..
In 5 hours.

What you think I am?
Impulsive shopper?

No way.
What I bought was only..

A hairband
A soft-toy pig

A ZARA top (that I quite like lar.. at least)

So sikit.

I'm getting a NIKE tomorrow.
I don't care.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

a pond in 1U? I thought porn.

Was bored. Daryle ajak go 1U. So.. I went lor.
Kinda lazy to drive.. and lazy to walk around.. but I was SO BORED!!!~

Good thing was the road was super clear today. No cars on the bridge. No jams except stupid traffic lights. No long lines at tolls because I haven't top-up my smart tag and BEST of ALL.. no CARS on the highway. (Err... got cars la.. i exaggerating a bit.. but very super sedikit.. compared to normal days.. all balik kampung i guess...) Hehehhee...

Weather was fine. No hot bright sun.. but not raining either. Just nice. Comfortable to be in a car-with-no-tinted of mine. =P

Once reached 1U around 11.30am, if not mistaken.. (our date was to meet at 11am) Daryle called. She was there dy.. early as usual.. definitely earlier than me. Was to meet at Chatterbox. I hate time management ok.. I'm just not good at it. STill trying to improve. *blehhh* Ok. Back to the Chatterbox. I forgot which level it was and I was super lazy to go scan on the signage.. So I called her back. it went something like this..

Hey where issit.. kinda forgotten..
- Err.. it's at rainforest
Ya.. I know.. which level again??
- hmm.. near the pond
What pond?
- fish pond.. lotsa koi fish.. with trees and all..
What? 1U got pond? Serious? Where?
- Rainforest. You din know?? *started giggling*
Don't bluff lar.. been here so many times.. where got pond??
- Got la. *laughing in disbelief*
ya rite. Serious shits?? ok ok.. other than the pond..
- Kluang station.
ohhh.. ok ok.. coming now. sure got pond?
- yess.. aiyoo.. *laughing again*
damn. coming now.
- *laughing again*
sure ar? sure got pond ar?
- yes!!! *still laughing*

Siao Char Boh. Laugh at me. I was embarrassingly stoned. Stood in front of the escalator for a while.. trying to filter my brains. DAMN it. I seriously din't know. 1U got pond?? a pond in 1U?? with koi fishes?? SUre bOH!!??

Reached Chatterbox. She wasn't there yet. On her way from TGV. She booked movie tickets. Before I lay my precious ass on the chair, saw her walking to me.. grinning like a sor poh... Definitely laughing inside at my kampung attitude.

Where is the pond?
- There lor (pointing at a bunch of trees with a super cheeky smile)
Sure bohh???
- Sure larr.. (showing me all her teeth)
- You sure you really duno ar? Aiyoo...
*silly grin*
- You sure? How can??
*frowning* Waiter!!!

After breakfast cum lunch, she really walked me there. Hahaha.. SO MANY.. SO MANY MANY IKAN!!! COOL!! swimming in trails... a freaking bunch of it. More than 3000 koi fish here. Waterfall also got. WoW!!! DAMNIT!! I'm so "sua ku".. I really stood there like a donkey. Joorrr... How come I duno 1??? Been to 1U since like forever.. and I never been here. Makan at Chatterbox countless time, and I din know there was a freaking fish pond here.. Now I know why it's called "Rainforest".. Konon trying to bring in nature into the interior la.. OOoohhh!! Paiseh.. I lagi kutuk 1U before for coming out with such senseless names. Heheheh.. Sorry har.

Other than this pond thingy, there was this huge aquarium beside it, filled with freshwater fishes. Daryle was so thrilled to be my "tour guide" explaining this and that.. and still giving me that silly smile. But the aquarium looks a bit eerie with all the green lighting and ugly looking fishes. Seriously UGLY lor.. And the best is that.. just right in front of these aquariums.. is "The Fish & Co." restaurant, quoting, "We Sell Only Fresh Fish". So what are they trying to tell us now, huh? *evil thoughts*

After this humiliating tour, back to shopping.. and also movie. Was waiting outside TGV (wanna go GSC but GSC was full and packed.. despite the fact that it was a Raya holiday.. TGV got NO BUSINESS. Paiseh lar... to tell people I was part of the design team for TGV.. Haiz.. SADDD) SO coincidence, this little PAUL TengPoHwa walked past us with his little church girlfriend. Totally din see me. How could he?? Called him.. and kinda SCREW him. HAhahha.. Leaving his friend in this duno-which trinket shop, he came to me.. just had a little chat. Hehe.

What movie we watched?? Hmm.. "The Silk" Was a good movie. Recommended. Sure lar.. one of the most expensive (US$6 million) ghost movie made. Have to be good right? Well, at least I think it was good. The plot was fresh.. unlike some ghost plot that just come scaring you at night and hide back in the morning.. leaving not much good impression as you leave the cinema. And watching it with Daryle, I got extra sound effect. Hehe. Soft SCARY screams!!!!

"...Armed with a newly invented material, the Menger Sponge, captures the energy of a ghost child... to learn about the ghost's past, to seek salvation from what the ghost child may reveal about life, and life after death - a single strand of silk connected from the ghost to a mysterious power... decides to isolate the ghost but in doing so they unknowingly unleashed the mysterious source on the other end of the silk strand, a much more powerful and ferocious energy..."

Another thing while watching this movie was that.. the cinema hall.. was kinda empty. Less than 20 people watching this. I really HATE TGV 1U. So empty. So many corners. So DARK. SO confusing. And the bloody toilet is WAY OUTSIDE the cinema.

Thus, the day was great BUT I didn't get anything except a Dunkin Donut & mineral water from petrol station on the way back. Hahaha.

Back to home. BORED again.

Haiz. Life aku super susah.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

raya dinner at home

Raya is not only celebrated by Malays you knoww...

Haiz. Thought I can rest on raya holidays, mana tau, my mom wanna to have this so-called 'raya' dinner gathering in my house with her best buddies.

Dicing, mincing, cutting, chopping, blending all the chillies, gingers, garlics, onions and all was really really.. HORRIBLE. My mom don't like those ready-made curry paste or sambal and stuff.. so me and my sis really ought to help to do all those goreng ingredients stuff and it can really choke me off man...

She was like cooking cina style briyani rice. Why I say cina style.. cos I think it's kinda weird to put mixed vegetables into the rice lar.. and I really missed Farah's mom's prawn briyani nice.. SUperb!!! Fingers licking good!!!~ Hehehe.. but my mom's also not bad lar.. not that I wanna bodek her.. but seriously it tasted really good.. more oriental lerr.. don't have that malay taste. Hehehehe...


She really like mixed vegetables lar.. I really don't know why. When I make spaghetti for dinner sometimes.. she really urged me to put in mixed vegetables into the sauce which I really HATE. So I always chase her out from the kitchen when I'm making dinner. She popek popek popek none stop. I have my WAYS ok. Hahahaha.. but I still need her help in more complicated Chinese food le.. then.. she's useful. Hehehe.. *bad bad*

Of all the food. This is the BEST. SPICY ASSAM prawns. HMMm!!!

Serious. A lot .. and I mean.. A LOT of compliments she get on this dish.. err.. like forever. AHahhaha.. Best-seller on the table though. My dad ask her to go sell nasi lemak at pasar malam. She actually gave it a second thought.. but when she thought of cooking like hell, and dirty pots and pans.. she gave up faster than you say it. Hahaha..

Nice BBQ chicken but I only eat ONE.. Last dish, but I see none left on the plate as soon as I placed it on the table. The kids.. really like it. My brother's friend, Jack ate four. Holding each at one hand. Cutie pie. Dad's friend was like.. "Mai la.. Mai liao la.. Par liao!!~ " Who knows, he ate 2. Haha. Adults.. sometimes really act like kids. =P

Mom's friend pulak.. learning how to make ketupat. First time though. Err.. not that nice le.. well, but at least.. it look successful.. hahaha I mean.. it really look like a big fat delicious ketupat before eating it lar.. hahaha

Every one freaking ketupat is like 200g. haha.. I was like.. "sai mm sai ar??" I mean to me it's really heavy la.. but I not sure of how heavy a ketupat should weigh. I was at awe!!! ahahahha.. my sister looked like she almost faint when she weigh it just for fun. Started screaming.. 200g!!! so FAT!!! hehehhehe.. nuts


Peter. My mom's friend's son OBVIOUSLY. Seems like he's enjoying huh? Heheh.. candid pic. He didn't know about it. The dinner went well.. and I look like a FOC waitress walking here n there refilling cups and glasses. Though it was like only.. 8 guests excluding my 5 members family. Busy like hell. Talking to ah soh, ah kong.. have to smile smile lagi. Hehe here.. hehe there.. hello here.. hello there.. haiz. SusAH you know.

Meanwhile this 2 kids, brother (left) and Jack hiding in the room playing Monopoly, UNO and cards. Jack slept at my house for 2 nights. 2 boys sleeping side by side on a King size bed. Hmmm.. Don't CINCAI think la.. Aisehh.. puberty also haven't reach. Hehehe...

Being kids.. So nice. Escape from stampede in the kitchen. Why am I born as a girl with breasts, PMS and table-waiting jobs? Not that I'm complaining.. err.. YA.. i'm COMPLAINing.. like a MAD cow. Creep.

Haiz. It's like I am celebrating Raya without puasa-ing for a month nia. But it was fun though.. just tired. Next next Saturday.. gonna be super hectic!!!.. I cannot imagine 40 just-reached-puberty-12-years-old-kids in my house, acting like they're the coolest subjects in the world, learning how to rebel, getting all flirty with "i know u like me.."+ "u like him rite??"+"he is so cute"+"keep a secret.. don't tell him i like him".. UghhHH!!!!! God give me enough strength and patience to tahan the whole afternoon till night. My freako sister is having her birthday party at home!!!~~ Inviting all her kiddy friendss!!! *screaming very LOUD*

ps : Daryle.. when I see this. It reminded me of you and MY joke. Hehehehe..

Monday, October 23, 2006

some freak with lipstick tester

i'm back. hehe

Days were super hard to pass without my freaking pc. Seriously. Can't blog. Can't check my mail. Can't chat. Can't friendster. Can't surf. Totally can't at all. just spend my nights and DAYS watching the China History series - Qin Shi-Huang, The First Emperor. More info on him here

Ok ok. This might sound lame, though I haven't finish watching it but i kinda start enjoying it, due to the fact that I love stuff about culture, history and documentaries crap, so I really do starting to have a good well.. err.. 'thinking' on this show. When my mom told me bout this series, I was dead-bored 'cos it is about how he gain the 6 states together and won this n that.. and all about WAR!!! It caught my attention when his mom, the 'Tai Hou' grand empress.. ahhha is a bitch.. more like a nympho. Hahaha.. eeerr.. at least it was what the series tells me though. Anyway, if you wanna watch this, I can lend you the dvd. Hehe.. Only 5 dvds but 1 dvd takes like a whole 8-9 hours. ORIGINAL dvd ok. Cost bloody 75bucks. Yay!! I'm against piracy! Konon huh? HAHahaha... I so so so much enjoy movie or series like this rather than sappy cry-baby-pull-you-here-n-there taiwanese series. Silly bimbos.

In another 15 minutes or so.. is raya. Guess everyone is happy that puasa month is over. Hehe
Was at Jusco, Klang just now with my family, Jack (brother's cheeky friend) and Aunt Sylvia to walk around, and Aunt Sylvia wanna to buy some Clinique products. Then, I saw this 'sing-mah' (to be read in mandarin) lady.. UGhhhh really disgust me to the max!!! Seriously!!! It's not that I wanna insult her or look down on her or anything, just that I feel really really uneasy about her.

What she did was..

She was standing at the Maybelline lipstick area, scanning around the lipstick tester. AND she just glanced around, then took this lipstick tester and start lipping on her lip. UGhhh!! I was like.. EIuuuu that is dirtyyyy.. full of germs. She even gave it a double smack on her lips for a second full layer. Yuckss!! What was that all about?? What was she thinking!! It's dirty. No cover, no nothing. Just leave it there on the counter for anyone to test it on their FINGERSS!! and since this incident I finally see it with my own eyes.. you wouldn't know who else test it on their lips. After the second layer, she just put it back, and left straight on the spot and still licking her lips!! Walauuu!!.. aiyerrr... blerrughhh!!~~ Obviously she had no intention to buy except wearing it for FREE and rich with GERMSS!!!

So please people.. don't put lipstick or gloss tester on your LIPS!! pleasssseee...


Guess won't get any sleep tonight though. My malay neighbours are blasting my ears off with fireworks and 'bombs'.. Hahaha.. Blogging now with BanG BooMm Banggg BOommmMMmm Againnn and AgAIn and AGGAIInnNNNnn!!~~~ And dang, just now I missed a beautiful shot of fireworks. Seriously beauu-ti-fooll.. and surely expensive, I guess.

After got back, my brother and Jack and my sister too.. start playing this shiny fire-y sticks thing. Hahaa. Nice to see kids running around like learning-how-to-fly-pigs. Hahaha..

Killing an ant with it?

A short clip on my sissy brother and his friend screaming like girls. Never play in their life before. Really kids. Somehow.. I wanna tukar back to kids lehhh~!!! I don't want to worry about my law exams, and assignments and my Minor poster that I haven't get it started AT ALL!!! HELPP!!!~

Nevertheless... well, Selamat Hari Raya to all my Malay buddies. I'll be flooding your houses with Phoenix, Kelvin, Chloe and who-ever that is interested to join us.
Wahahaha *cunning laughterz*

glad to be back though.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a day to believe

A day where everything went astonishingly unexpected.
I can't believe I almost woke up late this morning.
("Thanks" to Kelvin, the so-called alarm clock that SO ran out of battery)
I can't believe that I don't have to re-sit for my B.Science final exam 'cos practically half the class had to.
I can't believe that I actually passed my exam.
I can't believe then that I actually DID NOT pass my final exam, but I don't have to re-sit 'cos I passed my first exam.
I can't believe I can answer almost all the questions for Contract & Law exam.
I can't believe Farah fly my movie kite today.
I can't believe what I've heard from Daryle.
I can't believe it's almost end of the semester.

And I SERIOUSLY can't believe that a freaking lorry or container-first-half or whatever you called that was stucked from the whole damn day at my house.

Weird huh?

Ok ok. You see... behind my house but still within my house compound, meaning they have to enter to the warehouse, passing my entrance.. it's actually a long stretch of warehouse for loading, unloading, storing my dad's company's stuff etc etc. So at times.. there will be long container parked behind my house for I-don't-know-what-the-reason-is larr... So anyway, the container wanna make a u-turn, so LUCKY of him, both his front tyres tenggelam in the soft mud. Hahaha.. cannot come out. Stuck. Hahhahaa..

I came home around 7pm. Saw a lot of people behind my house, looking at the container. Trying to figure out some way to lift it up or release it. Forklift & lorry obviouslycouldn't make it 'cos the bloody container is way.. WAY HEAVY. Sorta a LONG container. Then the exciting part is.. they called on a crane. A freaking BIG BIG BIG LONG LONG LONG crane. Freaking 23.1 tan. Sibeh HEAVY. (I feel I'm posting this in a funny manner, cos I don't really know how to elaborate it in the correct terms~~ lol~)

I was really thrilled in a way 'cos seldom you have a chance to see it LIVE, moreover it's happening behind your very own backyard. Kiddy of me, huh? but it's COOL. Hahahha
One thing unCOOL was, my dad asked me to buy a box of mineral water (24bottles) from them. *sniff* ask me carry by myself lagi. *sniff sniffff*

Heard that this thingy was stuck since around 2-3pm.
Finally at 10.30pm.. it was almost free. Took such a long time.. and it rained just now. The whole area was wet and muddy. The container driver is a Malay. The Crane driver is an Indian. Other helpers and all mostly Malay. They did not eat during the buka puasa time. SO saddd.. They only ate their dinner around 9pm.

The crane driver is a genius mannnnn.. Hehehe.. He 'fished' the container up and then he tilted it sideways... repeatedly.. and it slowly came off the mud. The 'fishing' part, I just stared in awe. SO kampung!!!~ Hehehee..

IT's UP!!! Everyone was happy, cheering, including my brother, who took the first class seat throughout the whole show. Lol.

Me-lar. Wu-liao marrr..
A piece of evidence that I'm THERE!!!!!~


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Was listening to this song on radio this afternoon.
Loved the husky-"ness" of his voice.
Loved it even more when I realised what the lyrics is about.

"Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol
Soundtrack for Grey's Anatomy

We'll do it all
On our own

We don't need
Or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I don't quite know
How to say

How I feel

Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
To show me a garden that's bursting into life

Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
To show me a garden that's bursting into life

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes,

They're all I can see
I don't know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things will never change for us at all

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Powerful song.
Loved this phrase - Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I would.
I guess.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Life sucks now

It's 5.03am now.
Early huh?

I haven't slept for like almost a day. Well, technically though.
Rushing for this report is really killing me.
Deadline tomorrow. Exam the next day.
It's like...


I'm such a space cadet here, in a way...
I've feeding myself with instant Maggi 2 days in a row...
Sitting till my ass is so FLAT-OUT.

I am so tired now that I can hardly sleep.
Weird huh?

Minutes ago.. I was sitting here, staring at the screen for like almost a minute not doing anything, not realising anything, just staring.. till I see nothing.

Dazed to the max.

I really really like study life. But now, I'm so so missing my work-life.
No stress after 6 'cos it's all boss's business. *evil grinz*
It's not that I hate study life, I still do enjoy it very much... *fingers crossed*
but sometimes it's overboard.. meaning..


Don't keep work till the last minute??
Look in the mirror, ass!!~

*taking a deep breath*

*wait.. i think i need another one*

*taking another deep deep.. way deep breath.. ok ok.. i'm suffocating myself now*

Hope I'm still alive after submission tomorrow.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

bee-hive... to be in or not to be in??

WooOooo... found my case-study for the syria assignment. FINALLY!!!! Hehehhhe

BUT.. still a lot of things to do!!!!~~~~~~
Shitz man.

What's this?

Guess guess??


In Damascus, Syria.
The beehive houses still used today are of the same diameter and construction of others found across the Levant that date from the Neolithic. Made of salmon pink mud and straw they are about 5 meters in diameter and have a conical form and only have one room. So sad huh?? I can't imagine sharing one room with my siblings. Ughhh!!~ Anyway, the walls are very thick and each house only has one entrance, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer.

Cool huh?

But I won't stay there though.. err. for a day or two might be ok. Just to really experience it might turn out fun.

Get a taste of bitter "remedy".

Friday, October 13, 2006

Getting hysteria with Syria

This is really ticking me off.
Sitting here for hours, trying to find Damascus's sun-path diagram, but just couldn't find the so-called perfect one. Arghh!!~

(for you guys who don't know what is Damascus.. it's Syria's capital. Eerrr.. if you also don't know Syria. It's a small country, neighbouring Israel. If you still don't know Israel, please go die, and I mean NOW)

It is just so frustrating that I don't know where I stand now. The information that we've got is so 'hanging-in-mid-air', not knowing if they are the real wanted info or not. I hate the feeling of thinking I will FAIL. Fortunately Farah and me are like hanging onto each other, gambateh here and there, hopefully this damn gambateh thingy will gambatehh-ing us to VICTORY.

The worst is not just that, our building science exams were terribleee!!!~ And I repeat, the last quiz, half the class failed though I wasn't one of them (borderline lar.. peace!~) but this final exam freaks my ninnies out. Chloe told me that Linlin wanted to meet us next Tuesday morning when supposedly despite handing up this assignment, there won't be any science class anymore this semester as we finished all our lectures dy. So guess, we did badly AGAIN for this final exam. And she only wanna meet US, the Interior Architecture students ONLY. Siao liao lor!! The architectural students are all running free!!!! I'm so "happy" for them. Really.

Ughh!! I knew I did badly seriously. I can't even solve that VSA first part though I read the calculations over and over again and nothing seemed to be go along with my brain cells. I even forgot how to do TRIGO on that exam day until I remember Eddie Tay's secret formula - TOA KAH SOH.

Haiz. Then again, don't predict shits when Tuesday is not even near yet. You might NOT know what will happened. Maybe Linlin gonna surprise us? Eerr.. like how we surprise her with silly answers on our exam books? Hahaha. Some way to stable myself huh? Sucks though.

I really really wanna get to the end of this semester. On the other hand, this sem passed really fast and it's like nothing much had happened, everyone at the beginning was like happy-go-lucky walking zombies but the truth is.. these 2 modules really really sucked the remaining of my 'chi' out. Now only everyone is freaking out. Too late huh? NO lar... Kinda la. This climate report assignment is seriously our last resort. If we did badly on our exam, hopefully this report will score some extra brownie points for us. But ought to "fufill all conditions" on the assignment outline though. Haiz. Like Izwan stated, "Life is not easy." Unlike him huh? Hehe

Yeah.. in a way. Our problems may be small to others, in fact might not even be in their 'important' list, but it's like a damn HUGE deal to us. Hahahaha..


Thursday, October 12, 2006

fire fire fire me up

Why am I still complain about how sucky my life is and how unfortunate I am to meet so many plastic people throughout my entire life?
Err.. despite the fact that I COMPLAINED too much.. err.. am I?
Hmmm... to be modest.. I think I am. Hahahah

Anyway, my mom just broke the news to me that my aunt's grocery shop was burnt to the ground last week.. err.. a few days ago if not mistaken.. can't remember though.

I was quite sad for her seriously. Imagine, throughout her life, she worked so hard to raise her kids. 3 daughters and 2 sons. I think she's like either late 50s or early 60s now. My uncle, passed away like almost ten years ago, leaving her working like a mad cow in her "soon-to-be-broken-down" grocery shop *some sort of kedai runcit cum 3 bedrooms behind* at Banting.

She's my mom's 2nd elder sis. Seldom do I go visit her, just every CNY, we'll all be there to join her for dinner and hang out in her kedai. So many groceries that we hardly have enough place to sit in her kedai for like the 5 of us in my family. Thus, me and my siblings will hang-out at the kaki lima.. watching those village-kids playing marbles and little chicks & ducklings running around.

All these thoughts seemed so far away now. The fire was quick and fierce. Heard that it seriously burnt down the whole shit. She was so lucky that she didn't turned into BBQ. She was sleeping when the fire started. Fortunately, her malay neighbour saw the fire, saved her, pulling her roughly through her roller shutter and saved her priceless life, if not, I would have lost her by now. Then another Indian neighbour, brought her a stool, sitting at her shopfront helplessly, watching the devilish fire burning her every drip of sweat and blood she had sacrifice for her shop.

She seriously is that kind of lady that won't take any break. Her kedai is like 7/11 without air-cond. Getting her out from her kedai on normal days for holiday or meals is really THAT hard. Speaking of that, now that her shop is gone & forever, just feel what she felt. My whole damn heart went out totally for her.

When my parents went down to Banting a day after they heard bout the incident, my mom told me that.. my aunt is still in a sorta mental shock. She's like blur blur blur.. Still can't believe that everything is gone. At the nick of time that night, she just managed to grab her purse which only carries bout 1k plus and rest of the cash of earnings that day gone.. GONE.. with the ashes.

There is a clipping on this fire in the SinChew. Eerr.. I post it up later , but don't ask me to translate it or some sort.. 'cause SADLY.. I DUNO how to read CHINESE that well. Yala.. banana lar..
I'm NOT fully banana ok.. just half-ripe. Hehe.


Life is so unexpected. Today you might be laughing your ass out like nothing in the world EVER gonna bother you. A BIG FAT BUT.. tomorrow you might hide in a corner, crying your whole heart out like NOTHING and i repeat.. NOTHING EVER GONNA BE THE SAME ANYMORE.

So now.. what I will do is that.. appreciate my damn freaking life and good people around me.. enjoy enjoy to the fullest.. achieve my goals in this life.. andd... hmmm.. there's a lot I want to do.. the list just goes on & on if I state everything here. Hehe.. To cut things short, I'll just appreciate. Ok?

And.. to YOU and YOU and YOU!!! Yes YOU!! you know who you are. I don't need a guy to live ok. I'm perfectly fine with myself. I happy with what I've got now.. just that.. err.. money not enough lar. Hehe. What? Since when money is ever enough?? But seriously, I'm so damn broke this month.

Ok. So don't 'lecture' me to get a guy now or set a 'blind' date. I'm not till the extent of 'desperate' yet. Eerr.. at least not now.

* * * * *

Went buka-puasa dinner again. Uncle Lim's at Ikano with Annie, Chloe, Farah and Kelvin. The way Kelvin laughed really makes us all laugh too.. especially Annie. Hahahha.. funny when she said, "Geli hati-ku..."
Redzwan joined us later at Starbucks with his little daughter. Absolutely adorable. Serious. A real good clone of Diana. Haiz. My days as a mischievous little 'cute' girl is SO OVER.



Monday, October 09, 2006


haiz.what a weekend. saturday afternoon went mid valley with Phoenix.

we bloody walked the whole 2nd floor of home furnishing and that metrojaya and jusco (that i've seriously never enter for more like 5 minutes eversince mid valley was opened) we ought to find some home accessories for the mood board of our freelance job.

jalan and jalan.. until we forgot bout lunch, 'cos we ate a late breakfast, so therefore when we reached there, we kinda get to work first.when i finally looked at the time, darnit.. it was like almost 5. we've been walking tak henti for almost 3.5 hours.. gile sial mann..

another thing which was.. as we were walking like there's no tomorrow.. sibeh a lot of those cuddling couples walking around us, going for movies, shopping.. bowling. this and that... blooody hell we HAVE to work on a SATURDAY in a BLOODY shopping mall.. lagi-lagi.. a huge one.. jealously rose in us like a green mask over-taking our faces.
one word = NABEH!!!~

so we were on our way home, 'cos just can't decide what to eat for dinner.. so might as well head back klang. so nicely chatting though we were SO fricking exhausted and tired.. SUDDENLY the siao po.. let out a soft but sudden scream. "wahhh... ni kan ni kan.. hau mei o~~~" (in mandarin, yo you see you see... so beautifullll~~)

* federal highway SKY * sorta-hazy and sorta-nice-sunset

Bodoh-ly, i thought i can start back work when i reached home that night. hAiz.. my pc condemned.. I was like..

"are you kidding me?"

pc cannot on. keep flicking back to restart without even entering windows.

"why is my life SO jinxed??"

i called Eric if he know how to fix my pc or at least tell me what the hell happened to that bloody black box that i desperately need to use it that night. He just said, "Reformat it lar... so simple... worry for wat??" the prob is... can't even enter Windows.. then how to freaking save all my data?!?!?!?!? "Too bad" was his idiotic reply.

"screw you!!~"

now the screen was like PITCH-BLACK!!! then it off automatically. WOW!!!~

"what the hell??"

so pissed that i almost smashed the monitor onto the floor. damn it man. another question popped out...

"so what am i supposed to do tonight??"

no tv shows, no new dvds, cannot online, no this.. no that..soooo... eventually i slept at 11pm.

THEN comes sunday, went to The Store.. yea.. the STORE shaw centerpoint.. i've never never enter that place for like almost 9 years, counting back from high school. the place sucks ok. it's smelly.. it's OLD.. it's full of 'sing-ma'. No offense ok. It's like another version of mydin near the klang bus stop le. The last time i went to the Store was like.. to grab a movie at GSC (top floor). Guess what?? the cinema stunk like PEE. as-in-real-human-pee. as in the real-human-10-days-din-drink-enough-water-kinda-of-pee. UGH!! And it's unsafe in there. Kena 'pok mong' twice before way way way back in high school lar...

Cost me a freaking 400bucks for a new motherboard and a new 80gig hard-disc AND INSTALLTION SERVICES!!~ Haihzz.. when money is so not coming from anywhere, it's all forcing me to JUICE the cash out for craps. UGH!!~

Friday, October 06, 2006

hellish days.. more to come.

Just back from dinner at Sunway "Atrium" Lounge Buffet dinner.
Ya.. open puasa with the rest of CKC team.
I felt like Malay. Hahhaa..
'cos somehow..
I ate at the same time as them recently except the early morning meal la.
Buka-puasa 2 days in a row lehh.
Yesterday with Redzwan.
Today with David, Kwangli, Lim, Alex... and gang.
But today was free la. Hehe.. *cunning grinzz*
Getting reckless.
Getting forgetful.
Works piling up my desk.
Quizzes around the corner.
Assignment 'dizzied' my head.
Desperate for shopping.
As in spending money.
Need a new phone.
Need a new pair of shoes.
Need a new collection of wardrobe.
Need a new bag.
Adding into my frustrations.. and an extra level despite my anger management control,
that BLOODY haze is REALLLY.. horrrribleeee....

You called this life?
What the hell!!!~

Thursday, October 05, 2006

minor part 2 + 'open' puasa...

MINOR model - part 2 -

Was spending my morning with my dad as he helped me to fix that 'orange sprayed shit' onto that wooden casing thingy. Eerr.. duno how to describe it more but my mom said that my casing can be recycled as my rabbits new home after I've submitted my model. Wow. How supportive she is.. HOR?

* in class *

I was late. As usual. Hehe.. but I've got a valid reason this time ok. I went to the electrical shop or whatever-u-called-it, to get my model fixed with a bulb. Why bulb? Light my model la. Aiseh. Very cheap only actually. Heheh.. got everything fixed, with bulb, wires and plug, it was only like 9.50 bucks.
Daryle and Phoenix were there super early to 'kau tim' their model. Daryle's among the first to complete.. Phoenix still got, I think around 30% to habis-kan.

The upper version of model. Waiting for the paint to dry up before installation.

Redzwan, was busy with us all since morning when the class only starts at 2. Semangat leh. Taking pics of everyone's model *in process* close to just finishing touches.

Chloe, the camera-addict.. posing with her clean-cut model and that CHICKEN BONE!! Spray-painted chicken bone to be exact. Well, she did mentioned that 'people' living in her model don't walk. They swwisshhhh... swoooosshhhh.. SKATE!!! Hehe. It's so her style of work.

Annie's "Chucky" model. Hehehe.. I named it for her. Brutal huh? NO lar... COOL-nya~~

This guy. Haiz. One word = POSER!!~.. hehehhehe

The real neat model. Seriously I looked up onto it. Redzwan's larrr, obviously.. Hehehhe...
He did his "assigned" project with us from the very first day till today. Nice nice. Unexpectedly, junks can turned out to be something so imaginative.

Phoenix's. Well, she insisted on posing that way. Not my wish ok. Hehe. Izwan was like fooling around with her computer monitor frame. "Berita Terkini bla bla bla bla stuff"...

Daryle's "bumble bee crossing zebra road".. Hahhaha jumbled words. Gotta get some clearer pics on the final submission grading day.

Ah Tung's "lighthouse". Really took him days to screw all those holes of his. I mean.. his model. Hehehhe.. But it does look cool in the dark. Aiyakkk.. forget to upload his model-in-the-dark pics. Next time lar. Hehehhe.. Lazy dy.

Ini aku punya. Hehehee... In the dark. I forgot to take pics of mine before I put it in the dark room. Paiseh. I haven't think of my concept yet.. but at least I know which direction of approach I am into lar.. Hahaha.. direction down the drain. SO negative hor me?? Haiz. But still glad that I've finally completed it.. err.. still left a few finishing touches to be kau-tim next week.

WELL... this guy is the "MODEL" of the class with his "EGGS of the year"... When I called him down to help me carry my materials, I was shocked, almost laughed my ass out, dropped my knees, shitted outta my pants. From far, he always smile that goofy smile, walking showing of his bi-dongs-dongs.. with that 2 silly EGGS!!! hahahha.. Eventually, he told me, he was with Su-Koh on his way down in the lift. He was greeted "Nice eggs...." by Su-Koh. Ya.. later i told Daryle, she laughed like hell.

Damn man.. i think she got penyakit. Ya.. i mean DARYLE. Reallyy.. she always go super super GA-GA during minor class. I really wonder why. One week, she was violent.. then last week, she was 'horny'... this week.. she was laughing and crying from a mineral bottle at the same time. Hehe.. Daryle ohhh daryleeee....

Buka Puasa with Redzwan

Can't decide where. Finally settled down for dinner at All Stars Sport Cafe in MidValley.
Present - Redzwan, Michelle, Daryle, Curb@Izwan, Phoenix, Chloe and Kelvin.
Absent - Diana, Farah, Tung, Annie

Nothing much to elaborate on actually. Just a normal dinner with lotsa lotsa laughter and gossips. Hehee. That Kelvin was late. But when he came.. hahahah talk talk talk talk talk talk about work till Daryle said, "Losing appetite"... Hehehe.. but then again.. she also no appetite.. i wonder where her appetite goes to.. Ohhhh.. CLOTHES, BAGS and SHOESSS..... =P

One girl was super quiet. Unusual of her. Chloe. Soooo silent.. Whyyy??
AV lor. Haiz. Poor thing. If not, normally she'll be noisy.
See next week how's her 'presentation'.. Going to have another buka-puasa dinner next week with the rest. Hopefully all present.. then we can par-tay~~...

So freaking tired when I reached home. It was like... 11.45pm.