Saturday, September 29, 2007

birthday dicks

To my 2 "so-called special" guys aka friends...

Both of their similarities are..
- BOTH dunno each other. hahaha..
- BOTH dicks.
- BOTH workaholic
- BOTH very nosy
- BOTH act-like-PIGS at times..
- BOTH not available.. which simply means...
- BOTH wei-chi-mong-kok
- BOTH quite lcly at times

BOTH my friends..
(lame right?.. haha i know)

Friend 1 = RAYMONDtheSEPET
my i-think-so-really-best-guy-friend-in-my-life and he-who-showed-me-how-KY-felt-like (cos he has one)...

He who recently will only msn me when he need my help and previously whom always ask me to bring in more clicks to his blog.


(from l-r : ChaiSeong + Ray)
p/s: click on their names to their further crap info.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

kiss me back?

Scroll down. One post up.

busy for exams lately..
will upload soon..
a lot pics coming up..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a simple day-out

A normal day-out with my buddies excluding the Miss Taiwan. hehe..
(bloody still don't wan to come back.. sigh)

Let's see..
Morning.. went for dimsum breakfast with HuayPin and Cassandra.
Tried the middle-lot dimsum restaurant near the UOB Bank at Jalan Meru...
Hmmm... so-so only.. some were too dry.. but some were not bad.. can accept.
Pricing wise... also can accept.. hahaha not that ex. It's just a normal dimsum shop.

Moving on.. to cut hair today. Went to CLIPS at BBK. My usual saloon.
I supposed to cut hair today also.. but Francis off-day..
so only Cass and HuayPin potong lor.. with Roger..
so hor.. i sit there n wait only larrrrr.... sibeh sien.
Almost 2 hours leh... then ImKiat and ChoonWee came later on.. for lunch.
ChoonWee... I will remember to submit his info for CLEO's eligible bachelor next year.
Remind me ya!!! He wants it wat... so.. cincai lar.. hahahhaha... *rolls eyes*

Biasalar.. ChoonWee suggested FukuTei..
A not-really-new and not-really-old only Japanese restaurant in Klang.
For me. EXPENSIVE.. hahahha i rather take Zanmai anytime.. more variety and choices..
well.. at least the waiters can communicate there..
unlike here.. why lar they hire foreign worker that speak alien language...
Sigh.. (I know i'm bad..)

I was still quite full with all the dimsum this morning..
so what i had was only a few sushi that the guys have ordered and...

hehehe... Off the guys went for their dentist appointment..
and we girls hit a movie at jusco.. WHISPERRRRRR....

What can i say bout this movie??
Hmmm.... "The devil's work is child's play"

We didn't want to watch any scary movie.. or any bloody-revolting-dirty-gory craps..
Mana tau end up in this thriller.. but ok lar.. just a few shocking parts..
You should have seen our reactions man.. think back also funny..
cover ears la.. cover face lar.. "holy-craps" lar.. *laughs*

Narh. A short trailer.
The kid hor.. really... haihhhh..
This movie.. i think.. kinda similar "master-mind" thingy like that movie.. err...
Anthony Hopkin's Fracture

One thing I'm glad bout today is...
a simple day-out with friends in a small town.. quite entertaining and happy too..

The moral of this post..
Need not to go far to have fun..
Need not to go expensive to have fun..
need not a big mass of friends to have fun..

SIAO CHAR BOH!! faster come back larr!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

barney's flower


Mommy is so obsessed with organic food.
Everything also organic... ALL organic.. even salt, sugar and pepper.. *frowns*

She scared me with putting a plate of steamed PURPLE cauliflower on the dining table tonight, but the taste was not bad... In fact i like it more than the normal ones.. it smelled like some french beans or something.. but overall.. it's naturally sweet. *grins*

I was like.... did you dyed it????
She replied... yeah.. with your watercolour...


Saturday, September 22, 2007

mooncake yang tak halal



oopss... i mean..
*looks below*


Yeaaahh.. this hot sexilicious dude.
(NO.. i'm not doing any match-making here. LOL)

* * * * * * *

My aunty gave me a box of super cute cute cute mooncakes piggies.
She called me last month.. that she gonna give me a box of pigs.
I was like thinking.. hmm..
maybe just the plan view of pig's head, size of the normal mooncake.
Mana tau.. when my mom brought back today.. so blooddy cuteeee... *giggles*

6 mooncake piggies.
2 flavors - tiramisu and corn. (but I don't like the corn ones.. blehhh)

Gang-bang Pigs in a stack. LOL...

The making of.... "makan-ing the pig"...

First.. you undress it..
Then you murdered it slowlyyy... and gently of course..
Then you can just wickedly happily licked its internal organs.. *yummylicious*
Aiks.. too big piece.. then you slashed the half into another half.
OOohhh.. perfect size for one bite..
Then you eat it liao lar... AIYO.

But then hor.. I don't like to eat mooncakes..
I will only forcefully eat those cold-skinned ones only..
(but I like that Shanghai mooncake with yam paste and saltd egg yolk)
flavors that are NOT lotus, red bean, beans, seeds, chicken, paste, custard..
ONLY chocolates, coffee, tiramisu, durian... the best.. ICE-CREAM!!! ehhehe..
but I did eat 1/4 of the one pig lar.. just to taste..


Dedicate this image to... my goody-good friend..
Since rabbit dah mati.. so we tukar to pig ok. LOL.

Friday, September 21, 2007

the LAST design review

Finally!!! The last design review for this semester was OVER!!!
It was on.. last thursday, the 20th *click* another previous crit *click*

Only 2 presented though. Me and Eng.
Another 3 didn't get too.. 'cos late for the pin-up and absent. *sad*

One (1) student against six (6) panels. Totally freaked me out.
When I was presenting.. I KNOW+KNEW i was mumbling a bit.. gagap d..
hehehe.. horrifying nerve-wrecking okkk... *shivers*
'cos I don't hav time to prepare my "talk".

After the presentation, Anwar (studio-master) giving his last pep-talk.
Purposely posed when I was snapping this pic. LOL..

More model pics from my devian...
first - [click]
second - [click]
third - [click]
fourth - [click]

but bloody.. still have to revise and amend a bit..
and one more exam to go.. and 3 more deadlines...
*potong steam-nya*

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

die tomorrow?


No no.. i'm not back yet.
Just trying to type in my last post 'cos I'm gonna send myself to HELL tomorrow..
one-way free ticket provided by my lecturers. How nice of them.. Awwwww...

Darn. *mengamuk sial*

Let's say if i'm still alive by tomorrow night.. err... hmm... *doubt that*
then I'll be back by Saturday.. err.. or Sunday.
Toodles~~ Tata~~ *runs off and sobbbbb*

*prays for miracles*

Monday, September 10, 2007

tergendala means?

this blog will be tergendala for a few days.
will resume very soon

Two nights straight, this song teman me while i was working my ass off my assignments..
Thanks to Doris who sent me this song. *hugs*
Very beautiful lyrics. Very nice vocals.

Jane Zhang - To Be Loved

I can see your face everywhere I look
But everywhere is nowhere without you
What seemed to be like days
Was just a moment in time
But it meant the world to me
Cos I knew

What I’ve been searching for all of my life
I had it right here - in front of my eyes
And what I’ve wished for was nothing compared
To what I received - when you were here with me

And if you’ll never come back
And today was all that we had
And if I won’t see tomorrow with you in my arms
It won’t matter because
Now I know what it’s like to be loved… my…

You’re so far away but I feel you so near
It’s like you never left me - never said good bye
I can hear your voice in the crowd
I can feel you touch me right now
I can see you smile when I close my eyes

And I hold on to that every night
To help me understand - when I ask myself why
Of all the people out there - you chose to be with me
To share a love so rare

And if you’ll never come back
And today was all that we had
And if I won’t see tomorrow with you in my arms
It won’t matter because
Now I know what it’s like to be loved

What a beautiful thing - to feel your love within
Like a child that sees the sunshine on the first day of spring
Just to know it’s true - there is someone like you
Who can make me believe there is nothing I can’t do

If you’ll never come back
And today was all that we had
And if I won’t see tomorrow with you in my arms
It won’t matter because
Now I know what it’s like to be loved… my…
To be loved…

So romantic hor...??? Sighhhhhhh.....

A better version but corny vid, click *here*
I got the mp3. Anybody wants it? Can drop me a msg in my msn..
So I gonna miss here.. *sobs*
I'll update my birthday and poppy pics when I can find time.. *frowns*
but it's already in facebook though. Cass updated in there d.
So loooonnggg.... *blowing kisses none stop* muah muah muahhhhhhhhh~~


Saturday, September 08, 2007

my baby cake

want my little very-filled-with-love baby blueberry cake?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

happy 23rd bday missy..

A year ago *here* and *here* and *here*
A year and another year ago *here*

happy birthday to me..
Happy Birthday to ME..
BIRTHDAY to me!!!!..

Thanks a lot to you very love-able guys.. being there with me..
*generously blowing kisses*

hmm let's see..
I got "live" wishes, calls and sms'es from...
Yvonne, LayFong, Cass, HuayPin, ChoonWee, Alan, JunWei, ManYee, ChowLiang, Berny, FeiLing, Sharon, Imki, Chloe, Daryle, Ziuz, TengWai, Annie, Anthony, Biskic, ZhongHao, ChaiSeong, Kaveh, Jeff, YiYong, HooiLeng, SinYee, Marco, Vincent, Jeannie, Marcalena Chai, Nushka, TienSheng, Catherine, Brian, Angela, SinYi, SeakChiew, Gary, UCSI Finance Dept lady, Cafe Flam's waiter... and... can't remember d.. a few more, I guess... (don't emo ok.. i really appreciated it)

then.. I dengan segala-gala muka-tebal-nya..
i called and technically "forced" some to wish me.. *giggles*
Raymond (konon my best friend)...
(konon the most-understand-me EXboyfriend)...
(who forgotten totally)..
(the busy iron-lady)..
(who sang me a great birthday song last year)...
Johnny (the kolot-always-take-me-for-granted-fucktard)..
Ckean (always MIA "virgin" boy)...
(the tall-forgetful-slow-motion old hag)

Hahaha.. only eight.. not that tebal also lar horrr..
*pinches cheeks*

Tonight was fun. Special thanks to the naughty-Alan for the dinner...
Thanks to Yvonne, Ray, Cass, Imki and Sharon, FeeFee, FeiLing and ChowLiang for the great companion + lovely baby-cake + Flam night-out. I'm so touched. Awwww...
And thanks to HuayPin who got me all addicted to Grey Anatomy. 2 hours of sitting there this afternoon, watching none-stop... tsk tsk. *shakes head* Gawd. Love the brownies too.. *craving for more.. slurps*

Thanks you guys..
michelle the 23-year-old girl
(pssttt.. yes.. still girl..)

pics with Cass.. coming up soon.. *hugs*

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

rabbits mate again

rabbit mate session 01 *last year july*
rabbit mate session 02 *last year august*
rabbit mate session 03 *last year november*
rabbit mate session 04 *last march*
rabbit mate session 05 *last april*

This month.. look at my 7 little new rabbits..
Only less than a week old. So cuddly.. Hehe..

yeah.. happy birthday to me in less than 30 minutes time..