Friday, February 29, 2008

my unreachable prince *screams*

Who doesn't know this f*cking hot hunk?!!??
I mean... who doesn't know Jay Chou??!!

you don't know?? what?!?! never heard of??? where can??
Go google him larrrr!!! quick!!! nabeh u..

Come one lar... he's so hot.. so yeng.. so talented..
so good-looking.. so charming.. so magnetic.. hahahhaa
so .. so .. so.. never-ending "positivity" points.. hahaha.. *blushes*

Look at this pix (below).. I mean.. not MAN meh???
How can you say he's not MAN!??
I soooo depressed that I missed his concert last week..
SHeesshhh... No more tix.. *sobs*
ARghhhhhhhhhhh... I'm sulking till now u know... *grumbles*

So see cute guy "song" liao horr????
My sister found some idiot talented asshole fella photoshopped...
*hiccups* ... my hero's face with some girl's body.. nabuehhhhhhhhhh...

AAWWwwww... Sibeh look-like-GIRL right???
A deliciously pretty one lagi..
See.. how MAN a man is.. can be as PRETTY & SWEET & SEXY as "chio bu"....
U say he's "niang-niang-chiang"??? YOU JEALOUS!! hmPH!! *pokes u pokes u*

*getting ready for my bimbo act*

JAY CHOU FOREVER!!! love u love u.... *mwahhh* love u...


Oh shit..


Thursday, February 28, 2008


Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one


I was watching American Idol repeat on 8TV just now...
*flushes* I simply love David Archuleta.. He's the best of that lot...
Only 17, young, sweet, likable, good-looking and best.. great vocals.. *salutes*

Ain't him a baby??? ooooooo~~ *drools*

Ok.. let's see why I like him... hmmmmm....
he sings "shivers" down my spine.. especially ballads..
This week, he sang John Lennon's "Imagine"...
Awwwww... so touchinggg~~ *sob sob*
See the vid below... Must see k..

Makes me so vulnerable.. Nice right?? Only 17years old okk!!!
So different from Lennon's version.
So much better than our One in A Million contestants this year... shooot!!!
What?! I'm just telling the truthhhh~~ hehehhe..

This is John Lennon's version.
Freaking all time classic man... Seriously.. and great lyrics..

Awwww.. I'm speechless... hehehh..
Ok.. another vid of David Archuleta's freako great talented voice..
Last one.. don't worry la.. I guess some of u will just ignore this..
but i still wan to post it up anyway...

"Heaven" in American Idol Hollywood Week...
his version of classic Bryan Adam's heavveeennnn...
sooooo drifting me away... hAHahaha..

*mwah mwah mwah*
I want him to win.. Vote vote more David Archuleta, Americans!!!

"That was THE bomb!!!" Randy Jackson.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"lelaki-lelaki belakang lorong"

BackStreet Boys' concert tonight!!!!
The tickets were like in my hands.....!!!!!!
Berny and Brenda going with their friends..
So I helped them to get cheaper tickets from HuayPin.

Looking at the tickets.. should I get one for myself to join in the fun???
Heart was willing.. but flesh wasn't..
Somehow not interested... not THAT interested with BackStreet "Boys" anymore..
Love their classic songs.. but somehow not that kind of band that I want to go concert for..
Even if I go, I'll probably enjoy the yelling, cheering and gila-ness among the crowd.. hehe
But got tempted so badly when so many people trying their luck to win tickets from radio,
my friends all goin gugu-gaga over it.. asking me along n stuff..
Oh darn..

But end up.. didn't lar for sure..
If not.. u think I'm so free sitting here n blogging bout this????

But it should be a good way to de-stress right??
Oh well.. Shut up. I din't go. So stop asking questions to myself.


Monday, February 25, 2008

a dumb guy and a hot guy

This was happened quite long ago.. probably early this year??

So I was talking on the phone with this FRIEND of mine.
He's a guy. Probably some "chicken".. hahaha..
Anyway.. here goes..

moi : Ya know.. i went to this client's house in Tropicana.. It was damn huge..

he : Oh rreally? rich ass lar then..

moi : Duh.. sure lar.. what u think.. cheapo like you???? ANYway... the house had this courtyard in the middle.. mini pool.. large garden... bla bla bla bla.. (describing the house..)

he : okkk.. find a rich ass to marry lar..

moi : thanks man. well, i like the upstairs though.. they had this so-called link bridge from one room to the master bedroom..

he : huh??? wait wait.. u mean A masturbate room?

moi : (blur) yea.. master bedroom lar.. what? your house don hav master bedroom??

he : haa???? no lar.. u think i so rich ar??? have a room just to masturbate??

moi : wtf???? masturbate???

he : yala... u said masturbate rite?? so rich until got a room just for masturbate?? he's sure a wanker..

moi : f**k u lar!!! u dumbass dirty pie. it's MASTER bed ROOM.. bodoh.

he : hahahhaa... paiseh paiseh.. but y call a master bed room??

moi : ok.. the main bedroom in your house is called wat??

he : tua pang?? (hokkien = big/main room)

moi : other words???

he : chu lang pang? (hokkien = master bedroom)

moi : translate in english is master bedroom rite???

he : oh.. wakakakahahah ya ya.. (foolishly)

p/s : so this is my dumb friend. I know u read my blog, mister and ALWAYS abused comments around... so don't step up to admit it k.. nobody knows it's u.. LOL.. i had my revenge!!! *evil*

p/p/s : u don't wake me up by sms'ing me in the morning with the message "Wake UP!!" Thanks a lot man ass.


Today I went movies with HuayPin after my class this morning.
Dropped by at Jusco Bukit Raja, have a quick lunch at McD.. then hit the TGV.
We watched "JUMPER" which was nice..
With an extra point - Hayden Christensen was incredibly gorgeous. *hottilicious*
That dude as Anakin Skywalker in StarWars...
somehow he looked better in this Jumper movie.. *drools*

Here's a short trailer for you guys..

The story was not that bad.. just some missing pieces here n there..
Like.. how he became a jumper.. why.. and then what happened?
Nevertheless, the effects made it alllllll good.
Jumper kind of means like.. ermm sounds illogical but.. it's like
some fella having the ability to teleport anywhere, through anything, at anytime.
Teleport to like 30 ft waves in Fiji, the Sphinx's head.. Rome.. Empire State Building top..
Double WOW!!!
Watching him do everything anyone could ever want with this new power is what makes it entertaining.. Anticipating the next destination he will be whisked off to.
Triple WOW!!!


Then we went back to HuayPin's house to collect my dvds that I lent her during her after-operation-resting period last year..
Talk talk then we got stuck watching another few-years-back movie..
"The Perfect Stranger" by Halle B and Bruce Willis.
Not as good as I thought though the plot was surprisingly terbalik kind.. So-so-only..

Halle B's body = full n bodylicious..
Bruce Willis = wrinkly old but hot n macho..

Ok Sleep Time.
Chao. *mwah*

Sunday, February 24, 2008

busy sunday.. busy!!

Short post, less words, late d..

Went Midvalley with family today. Saw a nice dress in Edmundser's main mannequin.
Tried it on.. and checked out the price... wtf so ex for me.. lol
Dress = 299+... that belt = 250+
Geeez man.. me PK d. but the fabric was quite nice.. but i PK d.. but the colour was nice.. but i PK d.. but i really like it.. but i PK d. PK PK PK.. so saddd... *sobs*

Came back around 5.30pm plus. Watched Lydia Sum's special interview before her death.
Sighhhh.. so sad lar... sudden miss-her-lots feelings flooded all over me..
Then i went napping till like 8.30pm?? lol..
Woke up.. the went makan dinnersupper at the nearby restaurant that we always go..
food cheap. taste nice. less MSG. good service.

Five of us + Aunt Sylvia, mom's childhood friend..
We brought our own "tea".. refreshing kind.. very quench thirst kind.. hehe..
She brought a fish.. get them to cook.. Not bad lar.. Sweet & sour kind.
We ordered.. SingChow Mihun, LohMee with additional vinegar & fried pineapple rice..

We finished it all. Lol. Was really hungry.
Ate lunch like around 2.30pm at Little Vietnam, Midvalley.
I totally missed out on the pix. Paiseh.


So tired. Tomorrow class lagi. Haven done much. Unable "conclude" my design ideas yet. Shit.
Anyway I gotta head to sleep. Was on the phone with smelly Johnny...
but he HANGED up on me suddenly.. then din even sms back for explanation...
So chicken pie that asshole.
So *yawnnnnnn* night peeps.

p/s: My english sucks tonight. Lazy to put i proper phrases. Just hentam everythin that was on my mind. and I miss that dress.. Should I get it despite my PK-ness and the expensiveness?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

how pathetic

I always hated the fact where people will say...
"You're a girl.. you must do housework.. you must do all the chores...
Earning money is not that important that you ignore the chores..
you must this.. you must that.. if not how you going to serve your husband nex time?"

What the HELL!!!
Serve who?? did u use the word "SERVE"??
I'm sorry guys.. maybe I'm not married yet.. or to say I'm in love yet..
So I didn't know I pathetically have to SERVE my husband next time..

I really not sure of what to expect in this era..
I did use the word ERA yes???
Look.. to bring back a bowl of rice to the table everyday ain't just the guy's job anymore..
Yea yea... you all said that THIS ERA girls n guys are equal.. wada wada..
then some shit will say no lar.. guys how also more potential..
'cos girls will get pregnant lar.. emotional lar.. jaga family lar.. soon will give up work.. etc etc.
Fine fine.. whatever you say..

Now on how I think...
I'm not a stupid bimbo naive girl that do not know how to do housework ok..
i practically live on house-chores since my maid ran off like.. 6 years ago??
I do know how to mop the f*king floor.. wash clothes, clean, cook, etc etc etc..
So i'm not totally that f*king useless modern-day girl..

But as soon as I try to get some rest or lepak on weekends...
that i'm juggling in between my job and my degree... I couldn't get some farking rest at all..
I took nap... woke up.. got screwed for treating my home as hotel.
Came back from work.. came back from studies.. same routine as usual..
If I wanna go out lepak with my friends over dinner or shopping or yumcha??
I'll get yelled at by her..
For instance:
"Thought you wan to rest.. go out then very well-rest larrr!!
ask u do chores wanna die.. wat kind of girl are u??"

The worst.. my siblings argued or cry over something..
I AM THE ONE TO BLAME.. even when i'm not home that time..
'cos konon they "ikut" me, this bad example..
Come on lar...
Sister is 14.. where this age = rebellious.. trying to find her own identity n shits.. teenager crap.
Brother is 11... still a freako crybaby, running naked at home.. don't hav to do anything at home..
However, so when i'm like 14, my sister is only 4.. FOUR!!
if she got influence by me that age.. she's freaking genious d rite???
These are just walks of life.. which teenager is not like tat?
As you passed that "gap", you'll soon be alright.. learn from silly childish mistakes bahh..
*rolled eyes*

RIght.. i duno lar..
I'm just so bored of life sometimes..
Maybe you will think these kind of things are like.. sap-sap-water..
Eh hello.. try it with a loud amplifier framing u and repeating the same things everyday..

Some people will say, "hey i envy your life.. so happening.. great friends n all.."
YEA RIGHT!!! you do not know the inside story nia okayy..
Or some will say.. aiyah.. everybody got their own problem.. don't make a big deal outta it..
DUH.. if u compare this with some kids mati kebuluran in Afga or somewhere..
then i think i have to kill a chicken n pray god now..

Sometimes i'm really confused of things as such like..
Girls must do all..
Girls must learn to stuff their husband's tummy so that they don't go flirt around..
Girls must always keep the house clean..
Girls must take care of all kids..
Girls will soon quit their job because they understand the love of family..
Girls don't let any guy just simply put their hands over their shoulder or waist..

So if any guys do stupid things... the comments will be like..
Guys are like that one..
Guys can fuck around.. they're guys wat.. nothing to lose..
Guys are immature..
What you expect?? Guys wat!!
What to do.. guys will explore the genuine love by having a couple of girlfriends first..
Don't worry they know who to love at last. Fate wat...

Don't want say d lar.. SIEN.
These shits repeat everyday.
I do not want to live my life accordingly to others' lame "facts" or "tradition"..
that girls/women/females must do as what my great-grandmothers do.
Hell no.


the modern "maid"

p/s: this is what i think now.. NOW.. in future i might change my opinion bout this. Who knows? BUT THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF NOW LAR!! call me naive. i don't care.

Monday, February 18, 2008

pork pork pig pig pork pork pig

Like I posted up last night..
We took our brunch at Restoran Chee Wah, Klang.
Same row as KFC next to Klang Parade at Jalan Meru.

They're very good in "hong-bah".. or "lor-bah".. known in hokkien...
in English.. i not sure how you called it.. maybe it's "stew-pork"?
The taste and all are stronger than typical bah-kut-teh..

The main course.. Stew Pig Hand w/ additional chicken legs.. hehe..
Recommended by the taukeh...
Not bad not bad, excluding I don't quite like the thick skin.. but the meat was really tender..

Typical oily rice.. and eggs.. "Loh-Neng".. my brother's favourite..
hehhehee.. taste? biasa lor.. but thick gravy.. so aroma wise.. it's good.
they have stew tofu also.. but sudah habis stock.. *grins*

Their Bah-kut-teh was so so only.. but mom requested for them to add chilli padi in..
Wow.. good good.. spicy thick herb soup.. nice man.. *drools*
Not that thick in taste... comparing to other good BKT shops around Klang.
They do hav the dried sizzling version too.. but most people rather have their stew pork.

So.. 7 of us.. the bill was only 45bucks.
Cheap and full. *blurps*

p/s: I know the pix ain't doing justice to it. Sorry. Old cam RIP d. Still thinking of which cam to get. Suggestions?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

all good food for today

Cousin n hubby came for cny-visiting.
Went BahKutTeh with all of us.
At this Restoran CheeWah at Jalan Meru, very near Klang Parade.
Pix will be uploaded tomorrow.

Just back from dinner with my beloved friends. 10 of us. ngam-ngam..
me, huaypin, yvonne, junwei, alan, feefee, bernadine & sam, seakchiew, choonwee.
Yup... Yvonne's back though.. yesterday..
i must say.. i'm soooo happy to see her.. ('cos she's expecting that.. lol)
Went for lou-sang at Tai Thong Klang.
Food 7/10, service 5/10... bill came up to 580+..
Overall.. i think it's FUN for me.. heheh to have all friends around..

Ok.. short post tonight.
I'm tired. Need rest. Cao~

Friday, February 15, 2008

choonwee's makan-makan

Choon Wee's CNY open house. Every year.
He was like the busiest man on earth today.
Apa sai also he will 'guan'.. typical him.. lol.. SHhhhh...

Anyway.. despite the varieties of food there.. all I only ate...

(above) Lala-chean..
Choon Chieh served me n HuayPin.. konon very famous from Pulau Ketam wor..
but it was not bad.. especially when served straightaway..
but but.. i din really "see" a lot of lala.. hehehhe...

(below-left) Ah-zhat.. (no idea what u called it in english).. Mixed vegetables etc etc..
Aunty said, "homemade.. sibeh ho chiak 1.."
which was true lar.. hehehee..

(below-right) Some PakCik
Fried Chicken ..
ChoonWee said.. "very nice one.. very nice one".. Ok-nia lar.. *grins*

Yummylicious. (below)
ChoonWee's "creation".
Baguette, smoked salmon, cream cheese, olive oil, dill & "leaves".. haha..
Every of his open-house, this is definitely a MUST.


(above) He ordered these cupcakes from ADreamCake online. click *here*
Nice to see hor.. So cute right??
So special.. wow wahh wee wooo...
Not nice to eat lor. Sweet like reaallllly sweet..
maybe it's me. but it's darnnn sweet for me.
*shrugs* Cuppacakes are better.

Macaroons!!! *drools*
I like the chocolat ones..
My first virgin macaron-bite!! Given to BBO.
Helped ChoonWee to order from Big Boys Oven. *here*
No regrets.

(below) Strawberry Tartlet.
Also from Big Boys Oven.
Popped one in my mouth.
Popped one word from my mouth.

Not much of a strawberry fan..
But i won't resist that one whole strawberry resting on a mini tart base.
Someone called it "nipple tart"
hhhehheeheh.. it doesn't look like one, horrr?

Aites, peeeps... shucksss... 2.48am d. good nite..!!
Tomorrow morning BahKutTeh session with LayFong n gang.
Tomorrow afternoon, Yvonne flying back from Taiwan.
Tomorrow night?? no plans YET.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

my love ain't in the air.. la la lala..

Jahat Gary.
Just 4 days din blog.. he pulak say I outdate.. hMph!!


Two years ago... my valentine was like *this*
A year ago... my valentine was like *that*

Well, well.. happy valentines' single awareness day everyone!!!!!..
To us who are so single and so available *grins* celebrates this..
To those who are so coupled and double.. please walk further sikit.. thanks.. hehehe

Just today only I realised for real that.. Single Awareness Day = SAD
look at the initials.. aww damnn.. really that S.A.D meh?? to me today was not THAT bad..
my special half is nowhere to be seen YET.. i said YET..
so spending this "special" day with my buddies ain't a sad thing after all..
SINGLE buddies ONLY ok!! if not, i'll drown in green sea.

No idea why today I just spotted like couples EVERYWHERE...
suddenly sibeh a lot of couples.. here la, there la.. seriously EVERYWHERE...
*groans* adding pain into misery

Ok. Enough crap.
So Alan, ChoonWee, HuayPin and me went for dinner.
Die-die we also want hang out.. die-die we didn't want to stay home n feel like losers. LOL.
Another 2 singles.. JunWei went to Singapore.. that Yvonne still stuck in Taiwan..
So the singles club left only 4 of us..

Wanted to go for Jackson's Pick 'n Brew at Glenmarie.. but fully booked d. Sigh.
So ChoonWee booked Legend of Pasta at Centro, Klang..
which was also fully booked but he has his ways to get us a table..
Prefer to dine "nearer" 'cos semua also need to go home to pray tonight.
If not, we'll definitely cabut to KL for makan and club.

Anyway.. one couple set was 168.88++ with complementary of 2 glass of sparkling wine..
Atmosphere was good.. but I did mention it was too "klang".. lol..
HuayPin did mentioned, mayb 'cos they don't really dress-up for the occasion..
4 of us were probably having better time compared to couples sitting around us..
simply 'cos most of the girls were like pretending to be shy... polite all of the sudden for tonight..
then the guys were like suddenly so gentleman.. pulling out chair n shits.. SHHEEESHHH...

sorry.. just can't help but to trash a bit.. hehe

So.. the valentine menu were as below..
We ordered 2 sets (duh.. 4 of us wat..)
so there were 2 different types of appetizer and main courses..

2 sets of Appetizer...
- Baked Mussel & Prawn Mousse Stuffed in Mussel Shell,
topped with Cheese Fondue

- Grilled Eggplant Rolled with smoked Pork Bacon & Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese topped with Apricot Glaze was really heavenly good.. Love it..

Soup... Potato Leek Soup with Smoked Pork Bacon
Not bad lar.. Pork Bacon kinda like too little, perhaps?

Sorbet - Peach Flavored Sorbet
Sweet. Not icey enough.

2 sets of Main courses..
Alan and HuayPin had Grilled Lamb Ribs served with Creamy Rosemary Sauce,
on a bed of Baked Herbs Potatoes (above)

ChoonWee and myself, we had Grilled Salmon served with Citrus Sauce,
on a bed of Homemade Lime Flavored Pasta
Salmon was pretty errr.. hmm.. ok only..
the pasta.. should I say "not an even toss"?

Dessert - Caramelized Apple Crepe..
No idea whether these crepe suppose to be cold or warm.. 'cos neither.
Sweet and kinda "watery"..

Group pix. (from left, Alan, HuayPin, Moi, ChoonWee)
and again.. WE ARE NOT COUPLES!!!
Loookkk at my sleeepyy tired eyes. Need toothpicks.
HuayPin so CNY. hehhehe..

So dinner tonight was just okayy..
ChoonWee was telling me that normally their food ain't that bad..
He was there so frequent that he made new friends with the captain and one of the chef, Troy.
And that today's menu was not Troy's recipe.
Konon, he said Troy's much better than this.
Well, I think I will be back for another time, for better evaluation and their other specialties.
Mayb tonight busy with valentine sets so quality a bit char lorr... Hmmm...

So after dinner, all of us rushed back for????

Pray lor.

Okays.. hitting the bed soon.
Enjoyed my dinner tonight.
We're planning for our lou-sang this Sunday.
Oh.. tomorrow night ChoonWee's CNY open house.
Hope I can be there early to snap some beautiful tartlets & maracons. *winks*

GAWD.. eeat eat eat only. So many EAT EAT lately..
geezzz.. diet plan!!!!! *yells*

Sunday, February 10, 2008

cny dishes "bore" fast

Well, a short post to be up-ped. *grins*
Been busy with cny-visiting among relatives ONLY lately..
the traveling-then-sitting-down-entertaining-smiling = damn tiring wayy... total drenched
but collecting angpau obviously not lar... hehe..

Nothing much to post bout lately though..
Same things repeatedly these few days..
makan, minum, smile, talk, act-interested, collect angpau, clean-up, travel, poker.. etc
and i'm kinda lazy to crap much.. hehhe..

A li'l on food though.. *click to enlarge*

CNY dishes are tempting at first but got bored of it pretty soon..
'cos every house also agak-agak around the same stuff..
my fave every year (at first lar) are still... (from pix above)
dangyuan with redbean gravy.. the sea cucumber, fish maw with pig belly & spicy fried chicken.
hehehe.. mom-hand-made.. very "fantalicious"..

Went Tongkah.. off-Banting to visit aunt no.2 (mom's side) this afternoon..
Typically always have dinner with them before head back to Klang.
We went to this Restaurant Sin Tian Kee in Banting town for dinner..
Like I said... reallllll tired of cny dishes.. pork lar.. mushrooms lar.. this lar.. that lar..
We ordered very simple everyday-life dishes.. (pix below)
A few of them were the greens, yam thingy, lemon-orangy chicken & claypot curry fish-slice..
I didn't snapped it all.. hehe 'cos busy eating lor and talking lor.. *blushes*

Well, well.. in a totally holiday mood..
don't feel like doing my assignments.. or checking my mails.. or facebooking..
just like feeling very very lazy.. sighhhhh...... *groans*
like suddenly my ambition is to be a professional couch potato.. *beams*
hahahaha.. ok.. gotta hit the bed.. or maybe not..
kinda watching Naked Weapon on youtube now.. lol

But still.. night peeps... *blows kisses*
I miss my friendsss!!!! Been "family" all lately..

Thursday, February 07, 2008

celebrating the new cina "tikus" year

HeYOOOo!!! you YOu and YOU!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!
All the best in everything and start a great year ahead
Heaps of fortune, tons of happiness, everlasting beauty,
and prosper prosper!!!!

Well.. heard that no love luck for rats this year...
Hmm... so gonna be single and so UNavailable throughout 2008 lor..
Nevermind.. let's enjoy life to the frrreaking fullestt!!! Hell YEahhh!! *laughs*

HEhhEHhehehhe.... ok lar.. Busy lately.. running here and there..
Might blog.. err tomorrow or day after..


p/s: angpau mana?

Monday, February 04, 2008

shopping bits

Went MidValley with Tess after design class this morning.
So kind of her, teman me shopping.. but MANA TAU in the end she bought more than me..
HmpH!!.. hahaa..
Their CNY deco so-so only hor.. duno why they like to hav that bridge thingy..
for curve's deco, click *here*
Tsk. Don't really "awe" it.. hehe.. get what i mean? No? nevermind.

Had Kenny Rogers for lunch.
Been sometime since I last had it. Much preferred this than Nandos.
Black Pepper quarter meal w/ macaroni cheese, garden potato salad & mashed.
Typical helping hor... oh.. with chocolate raisin muffin that tasted like chocolate butter cake.
And hot tea. Trying not to consume too much cold drinks nowadays.
Mom just gave me a long long long talk of "consequences" of drinking TONS of cold stuff.
Sigh. Konon my uterus or ovary or something lar.. will.. err.. *blank*

Walked the walk.. browsed the browsed..
Sigh.. whole MidValley.. i can't find something to buy.. as in i mean CLOTHES lar..
I still haven't bought my cny clothes.
Can't really find one piece that can really make me go GAGA over it..
How?? Shit lar.. Seriously nothing to wear for cny d.
Probably just dig back old normal wear and looked slightly new to wear kua..
since I doubt i'll be going anywhere special this cny. hmmm...

At least it didn't end empty-handed like it always do sometimes.. heheh..
I just song-song went in Vincci Plus to check out their heels..
Why Vincci Plus? Ermm.. supposedly i guess..
vincci plus means quality-plus.. glamour-plus, nicer-plus and classy-plus lor..
And service also PLUS.. ok lar.. errr giv them 8/10 even when they're busy..
Well.. their heels are seriously much nicer.. and also PRICE PLUS lor...
not that cheap.. and not that jinjang like "others".. lol

So... I came across this pair that at the first glance.. don't quite fancy it..
but the more i looked at it.. the more i wanted to have it.. RM159.90
probably cos of the discounted price made it all worth it.. 70%.. *runs around with glee*

DEFINITELY buy it larr... don't buy sohai stupid lor.. *chuckles*

hmmm.. seriously.. when u pay for the price.. the box also thicker..
the paper bag also quality sikit.. both the heels in the box also wrapped nicely and all..
salesgirls also smile wider sikit.. purse also flatter d.
sigh.. money si de culprit.. u tau? tsk tsk.

Nice a not my new heels?

eh HELLO.. not nice also must say nice ok.. don pour cold water la..
I damn like it lor.. nabeh u guys man... *ssss*

I think i need a shoe cabinet for my car.. *giggles*
'cos right now.. most of the heels that I normally wear are all chucked behind my car seat.
Anytime anywhere I need it.. just run to my car.. hahaha..
Those occasionally wear are all still sleeping in the boxes.. in my room lar..
Don't worry lar.. no hongkong leg 1 ok. HOR sim lar...


After dinner, i went window shopping at some nearby boutiques at BayuPerdana, Klang.
yeah.. with mom and sister.. to kill time for tonight..
There are like.. few rows, almost 10-15 boutiques in that area..
Clothes almost same.. some really LALA.. some quite CRAB.. some quite SOTONG..
only like 15% of the clothes there are acceptable.. but heels are really nice..
BUT i really need to stop buying shoes... I need clothes lagi urgently..
BUT obviously.. can't find any in these boutiques lar...

BUT BUT... walaoehhhh... I saw this piece that I MUST snap it down..


SIGH.. i know lar rat year this year... no need so RAT kua...
check out the highlighted areas... the mandarin label & the side tag means "new feeling"..
haahhaha.. sister laughed like mad when she saw this..
don't blame her lar.. teenager mar.. reaching full puberty.. let her be lar.. ehhehee

ANYWAY.. who will buy this undies??
i mean.. SERIOUSLY?? who???? WHO??? I really want to know.
Meant no harm okies.. -_-"

So who har???


Sunday, February 03, 2008

last weekend to cny

Wow.. busy weekend..
Cleaning.. cooking.. driving around unwillingly.. hehehe
Especially today.. damn a lot of dust and filth..
Have to wake up early even though I slept like real late yesterday around 3-4am..
No no.. Not that hardworking last night to do my assignments...
I was hooked playing 'this' game till.. i lost track of time.. my bad my bad.. *grins*


Anyway.. I was like.. hmm.. decorating? hehehhe..
Flowers, pineapples, stickers, posters, banners, etc etc.. anything to bring in the CNY mood..
Funny thing lagi.. my brother pulak on the CNY karaoke vcd... *sweats*

Main living hall door panel..
ERmm.. i duno how to read those characters though..

2nd living room door panels.
Yea.. my house is quite old..
my grand dad built it.. he was the architect cum designer..
BACK THAT TIME LAR... -_-" hehhehe..

I tied that ribbon.. nice boh?? hehehe
Amateur hidden-skills.

Ribbons (no-idea-what-you-actually-called-it) to put above the entrance?
I like this kind.. simple and nice..
Not those really complicated with gold n silver glitter types..

* late afternoon

Was helping mom behind in the kitchen.. washing, scrubbing, mopping..
oh i hate weekends.. lagi-lagi those near celebrations.. darnnnn
Anyway, she malas nak bake any cookies or cakes this year..

exceptional for only this curry-mixed-nuts lor.. love it love it..
'cos i kinda forced her to do it.. hahahha me n my sibs lar.. nice mar.. *crunch crunch*
got walnuts, peanuts, raisins, cornflakes, curry-leaves..
can add other bits in like muruku etc..
spices like curry powder, cintan manis+putih, salt and sugar.. i think that's all kua..

EuRanSang mochi.. colourful leh.. NICE.. but Taiwan's nicer.. *hints hints*
RM 28 for 30 biji. Not bad lar.. so far i've tasted compared to other brands..
Me not really a mochi fan.

OK. Back to work.
Always last minute. SIEN.