Friday, November 30, 2007

woon woon is my "boyfriend"

Woon~~ says:
this week we kept talkin on the fon

♥ missy says:

Woon~~ says:
sien edy right

Woon~~ says:
next week stop that ya...

♥ missy says:

♥ missy says:

♥ missy says:
talk also got wrong

Sigh.. this girl.
She in Taiwan. Coming back only next Jan.
Leaving me in stuck here, eat myself.

This morning... as I was driving to work..
I was thinking of something funny.. hahaha..
Yvonne aka Woon said a lot of times that..
we have so many things in common and really compromise and understand each other..
but too baddddd we're the SAME sex..
if I were to be a guy.. sure be her "the other half" d.. or vice versa..
well.. too bad.. nothing is perfect in this world rite.. hehhee...

Then I was thinking.. hmm... one in Taiwan.. one in Malaysia..
Always complaining bout missing each other's company..
Talking, shopping, clubbing, gossiping.. driving.. and eating good food..
We still do call each other sometimes and msn almost every night..
So all these... gave me a stupid thinking this morning..
it was like as if we're in a long-distance relationship..
so blardee hilarous lar.. hahahhahaa... laughing to myself while driving... -_-

Hmm... ok.. back to chat.
Halfway painting my nails in dark red.
Waiting for them to dry.. Typing so slow..

Going Poppy tomorrow night. Can't wait.
Need to unwind a bit after 2 weeks of work stress.

XOXO peeps. *mwah*

Thursday, November 29, 2007

design culture

What looong hours today...*stretches*
Today was pretty tiring. Over-used my brain.
Feel a lil stress.. juggling between two concepts... hmmm...

Skipped lunch today. -_-
Didn't feel like eating.
Make myself a hot cup of milo+nescafe mix and nibbled on a couple of biscuits... hehe..
Then I remembered of "someone"... *grins*
Snapped a few pics of my office to post it up here...
not upstairs though.. private. hehe

My office is a townhouse actually..
Located very very near to Plaza Damas.. walking distance only.
I did mentioned my office is in Sri Hartamas before rite??

1. The little waiting area at the entrance.
The door is hidden by that laminate samples board.
The wallpaper on the feature wall very nice lar..
but can't see from here.. hehehe..

2. View from the entrance to the pantry at the end there..

3. Saw my LCD monitor on the 2nd table??
So big.. hahaha.. Berny sat in front of me.
Behind me is one empty table.. waiting for "someone".. *hint hint*

4. Library and materials room.
This is where I sit when I'm working on my concept boards and materials selection.

5. My table. Yeah.. i know it's kinda messy...
Halfway doing work mar.. haisehhh.. i very neat one okk.. hahahahah
No sense of "me" on the table yet right??..
I just worked for a week nia okayy.. haiyerrr gimme time to decorate larr.. haha
but then.. i part time only.. so no need lar.. i mean.. no need YET.. 0_O

Kinda small huh?? but i'm happy here.. very nice working atmosphere...
Nice bosses.. nice colleague.. Workload still okay at the moment..
Working life isn't that bad for me.. though i will sulk here and there.. but nothing serious.
No kidding..

Gotta sleep early.. *yawnzzz*
Damansara jam was horrible today 'cos of the flash flood and heavy rain.
but funny thing was.. Klang no jam AT ALL.. surprise surprise..
Damn tired......
Tomorrow another day. Sigh.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


You know.. it's so funny sometimes...
Some things come when you least expect it..
Like how I love my self-made quote - "impromptu makes perfection"..

I always feel i over-used my brain, imagined too much..
I've thought... I think.. I'm thinking.. I gonna think even more...
All of the sudden.. this cute-double-damn-deep-dimples siao charboh..
Send me her all-sudden favourite song..
The title.. damn damn damn SUIT her lor.. and me also lar.. in a way.

So here goes.. click on it. Enjoy~

Not bad, right??
(whispers) She really think more than me.. so this is really HER song. *grins evil*

Monday, November 26, 2007

everywhere all jammed up... even my brain!!~

niama-eh.. 0_O"
I damn damn getting more and more tulan of Klang.
FUcking Jam.. fix bridge lar.. tear lar.. the "R" word lar.. roadblocks lar.. this la that lar..
Walau-eh!!!! Can KI SIAO ok!!!!!
Dad called me before 6pm to ask me not to go near Klang bridge after work..
In order to avoid that fucking jam in Klang that started since 12.30pm this afternoon, I have to take some dim dark highway if not mistaken.. it's Shapadu Highway...
All the way from NKVE to BatuBelah, making a big fat round into Port Klang to reach my house area. Luckily the toll was only 50 cents though it was a pretty loong way to reach.
BEh Tahan. *growls*
Worst. Sucks to be home when got no yummy food on the table. So vegan today. Arghh...

What a pleasant surprise.. I've got an "international" card sitting on my keyboard..
From Australia?...

Hmmm.. my first thought was..
ManYee? Cannot be.. I din give her my address...
Angela?? No lar.. not her.. we just facebooked that day..
Choon Wee??? Impossible lar... he's back here d wat..
Others like she? he? that she?? no lar.. i din give them my address.. hhmmm..
Then who lehhhh????!!! hehehhee..

Wahhh... so cute card.. Rudolph ROOdolph some red-nosed reindeer...
Way early Christmas Card.. First Christmas card...
Hmmm.. suspense suspense.. who sent me har??? who so got heart???
*takes a deep breath*

REALLY IS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahhahahahahhaa.... and he just got back from Perth yesterday...
and I baru got his card today.. ahahha.. feel kinda weird in a touching way..
though he bloody ignored my sms this morning.. a-hole..

Thanks ya.. Choon Wee Lim.. I mean.. Lim Choon Wee..
We're at Malaysia now.. no surname kat belakang ya..~

Hungryyy.... Going to mamak now..
Go makan. *mwah*

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I said we were going to kill them all.


From Jalan Meru till my house... A FUCKING 1.5 hours to reach!!!
when I normally only need less than 15 minutes.
Bloodyy ridiculous rite!!!!!...
i mean.. well.. not THAT ridiculous if it weren't for the big people to..

Give us a break man.. I mean if you wanna close the damn bridge.. put la notice sial.
No notices.. no ads.. NOTHING.. not even yesterday.
Worst still at least put la a notice around bekerley or meru.. so that drivers can think of alternatives to reach the other side of Klang.

The jam was so horrible..
5 LANES from the highway leading to the closed bridge where we have to turn in a ONE-LANE road to get to the old Klang Bridge leading to the Little India.
*slaps forehead*

The traffic police when we needed them were nowhere to be seen.. *anger rising*
Alan and I was like so cursing in the car.
Some freaks lagi got out from the car snapping pics and some were playing games on their laptop in the car while waiting. *frowns*
Klang traffic jams are getting WAY WAY terrible than the ones in KL.
Hmmph!!! Pissed!!

Oh yeah... before the jam. i went movie last night with JunWei, Alan, KokHau and HuayPin.
That siao po with her sudden-crave for watching movie. Hahaha..
We just settled at Jusco BukitRaja for a 9.20pm movie. The Kingdom.
Well, it wasn't quite my choice of movie but watching the trailer.. bombs, guns, killers.. etc.
but ManYee told me the movie was good. She gave me like.. 4 thumbs-up for it.
Trust her for once.. hehehe i chose that movie for them.

It was about a team of U.S. government agents is sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East.
Fair in action in the beginning, pretty slow in the middle but luckily the end was a blast.
Like really full of action, brutal, kan-cheong-ness and slightly emotional.

I like one tagline from imdb review.
"An elite FBI team sent to find a killer in Saudi Arabia. Now they have become the target."
hehehe.. I seriously don't mind watching it again.
Jamie Foxx. 1 word. YENG!!!
I like him here better than him acting in DreamGirls. Hehe.


Sibeh ssssien mannn today... tomorrow working again.
2 days "holiday" NOT ENOUGH for me lehhhhhh..
Thought of going Jusco Bukit Tinggi but... lazy.. hahaha..
So maybe next week. Yesterday baru buka.. sure people mountain people sea one...

Parents went wedding dinner. Me gonna start my work stuff.
Sigh. A lot of things to think. I'm hungry d. *growls*
Had an early dinner. 6pm.
I made Teriyaki Mushroom patty in Pita bread with lotsa veg salad.
Yummy~~.. easy dinner for the three of us. Me and my monkey siblings.

Err.. i was too hungry that I forgotten to snap the pics. *grins*
Ok. Work time.

Friday, November 23, 2007

what i did lately...

Hmm.. let's blog in keywords.. jumbled up. Hahaha..
Gonna just type in whatever that pops outta my head now.
Lazy to "re-arrange" my fikiran for the past few days.

hello kitty
hungry work
jay chou
flea market
new heels
plaza damas

see the repetition of the words.. u'll know what i mean.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

three smelly words

*I Should Have*

I hate these three smelly words.
I hate myself for thinking repeatedly every night before i sleep..
or when i was stuck in a horrible jam.. times when i got nothing to do..
thinking about all the big-big-till-tiny-weeny things that had happened in the morning..
and concluded myself in an emo state of phrases.. starting with.. "I should have..."

I should have done this..
I should have said that.. heard that.. made that.. blah blah blah..
should have.... SHOULD have!!... should HAVE!!!!... I SHOULD HAVE LAR!!!
then how all my "i should have" will make a better difference... *rolled eyes*

I'm such an emo bitch. Sometimes.


Monday, November 19, 2007


i'm not used to "working" yet..
which i meant waking up sibeh early... *blushes*
but enjoying every bit of the working part..
now only I realised I actually missed the feeling of working..
time passed so bloody fast today...
i'm excited for tomorrow.. are you?

psstt psst...
FlirtyK said, "Today first day only.. see how you will grunt and complain as days go by..Work sucks okayy!!"

Ya think so too??? Hmmm... we'll see.. *grins*


Sunday, November 18, 2007

i got smoked!!!

Guess where I went today again?!?!?!
PYRAMID!!!!!!! arghh!!!~ *frowns*
but luckily was with the whole family walking around the new wing..
and I got presents!!!!! Yippie!!!! *hops around giddily*

Hehe.. ok okayy.. not all mine lar okayy.
Daddy actually bought for himself only.. but then.. heheh.. *evil winks*
we got it too lar.. me and my mom..
Daddy was sorta looking for the crystals he want for some time d..
and unexpectedly we found it here at HOJB, House of Jue-Bao..
He bought Citrine Crystals, Mom's Garnet Crystals...
(drumroll please) and mine Smoked Quartz crystals.

Well, ahemm.. accordingly to the experts' say...
Smoked Quartz crystals stabilizes, grounds, tends to make one serious,
and able to accept the challenges.. hehehehe.. suit me rightt, righttt?? *beams*

Skip skip.
Ok. I gonna make this quick. Gotta head to bed d.

Went dinner at Bukit Tinggi Klang.
Mizi Shabu-Shabu. There's one busy outlet at Puchong, if not mistaken.
Mizi is new in Klang. So not much of a crowd on a Sunday night.

Hmm.. let's see..
Tonight's dinner was still acceptable. The food is neither very good not very bad.
Not too ex also. 5 of us only billed 72++.
Still can accept. I so much prefer this than that Thai BBQ plaza.
In a way.. it's much cleaner lor which was much more appetizing in a way..
'cos we get to have our own small pot of soup to shabu ourselves.. ehehe...
the sauce is great though.. one portion ain't enough for me.. hehe..
a mixture of roast chopped nuts, sesame, spring onions, chilipadi, sweet+soysauce.. nyum!! *grins*

Quick, kan?
Ok ok.. gotta go get exhilarate on my bed d.
Tomorrow first day of work!!! Wish me luck!!
*fingers crossed*

I scared larrrrrrr........... How? *sobs*


Saturday, November 17, 2007

board-games anyone?

What a tiring day today..
Woke up at 7am on a SATURDAY morning to go pasar pagi with my parents...
My dad practically HAD to drag me out from my bed.. ahaha..
'cos I ffk'ed them like 3 days in a row d.. *grins*

For 3 nights, we had the same conversation before sleep..
"Aiyahhh.. i will wake up one... no worries.. just wake me up niaaa.."
"Ya rite.. u'r a 12pm pig ok." ('cos i've been waking up around 12pm afternoon lately..hehe)
"You belanja dim sum lar.. I sure wake up.. hehehe"
"Your backside lar.. Wanna bet?"
Only 1 word I replied her.. "No."

But the weather was cooling this morning..
or issit every morning is like that? hmm..
Damn plenty of things to buy and eat and SHOP larr in pasar pagi..
Satu ringgit lelong stuff.. hahahaa.. So many fooooddd... *yum*

Skip skip.

Tonight WAS so back to kiddy years.
Parents went for some wedding dinner..
(eh... not my biz lar.. but why so many people getting married lately har?? haiyerrr)
Anyway.. I TERPAKSA babysit the pricks.

I got forced to play MONOPOLY!!! *sobs*
but I WON big time!!! *nyeh nyeh*
Ehh.. have to right.. takkan lose to kids.. no face lor~..

Cheap monopoly version buatan-malaysia. Only RM 3.50.
My brother is damn talented in losing things.. so no point buyin him the hasbro's.
(below) Our "congkak" banker... practicality rules okayy.. hehe..

(above) Rumah Setinggan Aku. Jangan runtuh-kan. Nanti I bangunkan hotel, ya? *lamerz*
(below) The money I've won. IF ONLY THEY WERE REAL. *sulks*

After Monopoly... MAHJONG time!!!
Yelled and screamed and laughed and sulked over these tiles.
Dad joined us for a few rounds before he hit the sack just now.

Somehow these tiles reminded me of kuih talam.


Friday, November 16, 2007

express-shopping today

Went Pyramid to check out their Blue Zone - Asian Avenue.
Small stores, boutiques, retails (selling-the-same -things-over-and-over-again)
Something like those in Sg. Wang.. just that it was more comfy to walk here..
and not much outlets are ready yet... and i HATE maze-like layout!!!

You know.. I couldn't quite fit in fashion as such..
It's either WAY too cute for me... or WAY tooo flowery or glittery for me..
or mayb I just had no idea how to "fashion" it..
you know.. like me a dumbass? *grins*
But anyway.. they did improve on their deco nowadays.. much more themes and concept... nice approach.. some lar.. not all ok.

Came across 2 little bloody adorable hooks. (above)
One "deek" and two "buubs".. heheh

I just can't take it. *hides at a corner and sobs*
I'm sorry okayyyy...
but I don't have a cute cute face to suit with these cute cute candydoll flirry bumpy itchy dresses... YES!! They are ITCHY inside... those itchy itchy materials that itch-ed your skin to the max inside.. *drama drama me*

But.. ooohhh.. i lurveee this pair of newly-bought heels.
They are LOW.. (ya.. i know you won't believe this.. yes i bought a LOW heel.. just an inch)
and i kinda got a feeling someone is thinking i'm influenced by her..
That she won't believe i bought these polka dots thingy.. yada yada yada~~
and guess what friend... they're from TAIWAN!! hahah taiwan brand. TANGS.
(Lagi sounded like her surname.. cehhhh) I think i missed her too much. *sobs*

I bought nothing from Asian Avenue except that pair of heels.
Then I hurried my ass over to Cats Whiskers to grab some decent working clothes..
and.. well... bought a top and pants that are not so much for working purposes... *sigh*
So.. hmm was all i bought today. Nothing much hor?

Tired. Nighty nite.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

please pass the ta..

Nothing to do today.
So borrrinngggg and restlesssss...
The only entertainment was.. kena char+bomb+scold by that Yvonne.
Kena "trapped and twisted" in the Taiwan storm.

Tengah makan now.
Lunch-for-the-day in my house.
The pasta mix of "the shells and the twists" with mom's home-made oriental tomato paste.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

flew-by 4 different places a day

Hmm.. few days din blog d.
Been busy and also kinda a bit lazy..
Was watching so many dvd series till I almost went gaga..

I went for an interview this evening.
Appointment was at 5pm. Sri Hartamas.
I got the job!! *beams*
On the other hand.. i was happy that I wasn't gonna be jobless for my sem break.
BUT.. on the other other other hand.. i kinda nervous..
or should i say low-confidence to do a good job??
Been long I've never been attached to a company.. so suddenly..
hmmm.. never mind that.. I'll still strive for the bestt... Gambate!!.. hehhehe

Anyway.. been a long day today..
Went lunch with Wendy at Glenmarie during her lunch hour.. around 12.30pm..
Then I went off to Subang to print my portfolio.. hmm.. done around 2.15pm..
then I got nowhere to go and nobody to call.. everyone busy working.. *sighs*
So i went off the Pyramid.. to kill time.. and to arrange my portfolio file..
and to try my luck to curi HuayPin out of her working hours..
BUT.. no such luck.. Darnnn..

Kinda craving for ice-cream.. Tried New Zealand Natural..
'cos ChoonWee told me their ice-cream sucks..
Bought a scoop of low fat NZN Choco'Lite for 6.50bucks..
kinda to un-nervous myself larrr.. hahhaa..
Hmm... nice smooth delicious Belgian chocolate.. but kinda toooo sweet for me.

Sitting there on their couch.. starting to arrange my portfolio...
and kinda prepare how to "talk" during the interview later.. ahahha *blushes*
Been some timeee d okay..
Watching at random people skating, screaming, taking advantages in the ice-rink..
How come these people needless to work one???

Oh shit.. almost 4pm.
Butterflies flapping like hell in my tummy. Making love, i guess... *laughs*
Before heading to the carpark.. a sudden urge to pee.. hehe
Walking into Marakesh.. hmm.. really got the feel. hahaha.
Snap a few pics for that "taiwan wind" to see..

This walkway was so bloody orange and brought pain to my eyes..
I was thinking.. "Yer.. this color again.. definitely some typical standard ugly toilet.."
But oh my.. I was wrongg..

Nice hor? hahhhaa.. i really feel quite "marakesh"...
The lighting.. the shapes.. the textures.. the fittings. Not bad..
Hmm.. mayb it's new and still clean kua...
One bad thing is that.. the bloody toilet paper roll case was placed so "hidden"..
Most people walked in.. couldn't find it..
Spent like 1 minute looking for the toilet paper roll all over the toilet walls. hahahaa..

Took the chance to camwhore a bit also. *grins*
The mirror is a skinny mirror.. so i'm much fatter than this pic.

*interview session on*

Well well.. Interview went well.. Berny was all smiley.. Hahahaa.. that siao po.
I went to 1U to met my cousin, MK (worked at Damansara Heights) for dinner..
That fella.. firstly he was late due to the horrible raining-jam, food-picky like hell..
kap lui like hell.. tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.. *shakes head*
seriously guys hor.. the way they "scanned" for girls.. really "worth-to-look-up-to"..
I was walking around the new wing with him after dinner which was tempenyaki..
Suddenly he just cut across me and head towards the nearest railing..
BLOODy siao kia.. because there was a cute chick walking down the escalator..
Liddat see also song ar???? Aiyooo..

(above) Was trying on a few blouses in Zara while waiting for MK. No money to buy. Sien.
"I'll Come Straight To The Point" were the words on this long blouse.
Siao Yvonne said, "the words.. suit you..."
You know what she meant lar.. Haiyerr.... Everytime bully me..
She's promoting the "International-Roaming Sarcasm Pills"....

On the way back to Klang after 9.20pm.. the long long long long NKVE highway..
Mom called.. asked me to drop by Aunt Sylvia's house.. They were there already.
Fine then. Don't feel like going back to an empty house though.
I walked in and was greeted by their horny ShihTzu puppy dry-humping his pillow.

What a freaking lonnggg day!!!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

wastage of my tears

I'm hiding at home lately.
NO where to go.. NO money to spend.. NO anything to do..
Other than being online and preparin' for my portfolio (which I'm so so lazy of)..
My mom rented a lot lot of drama series dvd for me us to watch..

I love this drama.. "Return Home" or known as "荣归"
(click on titles from more info)
This drama.. *grins* DAMN GOOD.. serious..
I never shed so much tears on a drama or movie that is NOT romantic or sappy mushy kind..

This drama is so bloody reall.. so.. emotional..
though it was more on how HongKong was returned to China in 1997..
how Hongkies and Mainland Chinese adapted to the change.. etc etc..
but i really love this movie.. because it's so inspirational in a way..
telling you bout families, love, business, relations.. countries..
the twists and turns.. the emotions..
how rich people think.. scared of.. how poverty sucks..
how long lost brothers for 50 years met..
how each and everyone seems to have their unspoken problems..
OmiGOsh.. *sigh*

It's either the storyline is damn fooking good..
or the actors and actress are damn damn chio..
I mean.. their expression.. their.. EVERTHING.. so PuurrrrFECT..
The story IS a bit slow here n there.. but when u watched it all..
oh damn.. you'll be so grateful and proud.. in a way lar..
(i'm not exaggerating.. ok ok.. maybe a bit.. *feeling skippy*)

Ok ok.. last 2 words..

Saturday, November 10, 2007

silence is the virtue of fools

Today my phone was worst than a "library".
No sms. No calls. Nothing. Ney.



Friday, November 09, 2007

nothing exciting

Woke up early to teman my dad to my sis school to collect her report card.
Came across this group of Music Club students.. practicing on their music pieces.

Quite cooling in the morning..
I was shivering in the school hall though it was packed with people.
Some outdoor pics that I snapped.. Too free.. nothing much to do. hehe

Ok. Tired d. Going to nap for a few hours...
Might blog tonight if there's anything interesting to crap about..
Doubt that.

OH ya. Came across this idiot vid. Damn fucking stupid. Total dumbass.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

the colorful festival.. but the un-colored me.. *sobs*


Public Holiday!!!
But I got nothing to do.. and nowhere to go.. and no one to find...
(so pathetic, right????)
Woke up at 10am.. watched this Taiwan+China+HongKie drama series.. until 2pm..
Yes.. the whole family got hooked, sat in front of the TV with no breakfast or lunch..
watching it, laughing over it, crying over it.. getting EMO over it..
I duno the english title but.. it was NOT a bad love sappy sad-case movie..
It's about how HongKong was returned to China at 1997..
how families faced it.. etc etc etc... very good one..

Anyway.. finally tummy growled like hellll...
Went out for lunch.. feel vegetarian today.. heheh..
No where to go... Don't feel like "jamming" around with the crowd..
so went Tesco inside.. need to get some vege and ham..
me cooking dinner tonight.. Mom wanna HOLIDAY wor..Konon-lar.. *rolls eyes*

Was at the pharmacy, browsing around for looking for something to detox my body..
Something caught my eye.. (pic below)
HORNY Goat Complex???
hahahhaa.. ok.. mind me.. i was laughing so bad INSIDE ok..
but couldn't help to release a few giddy giggles with my sis..
i mean.. HORNY??? GOAT?? KAMBING lagi? *guffaws*

Ahem.. ok ok.. i googled it.. and there's a story behind the "name'"

"Horny Goat Weed's combination of botanical ingredients may enhance sexual performance through a variety of mechanisms such as increased testosterone production, increased energy and increased sexual hormone production.
It is a robust all-natural stimulant that can support a more robust life as well as love-life.

Direction to use??
Take 2 capsules daily with a meal. For more IMMEDIATE ACTION, take 3-4 capsules 90 minutes before ACTIVITY."

Yay!! Found my detox tea. I never tried it before though..
Just saw the reviews in the health magazine..
Simple and easy worrr...
It was RM 29.50 a box - only 5 sachets inside...
Ish.. one tea bag for approx 6 bucks!!??
I asked dad.. he tak nak.. say sure got chemicals.. bla bla bla.. not organic larr..
Sighh.. that's what u hav to pay when u have super high health-conscious parents..

Tried a pair of soft leather white low heels.. Mom wanna buy the black one..
But as usual la.. she tak boleh tahan wearing leather shoes..
Said it was pretty nice.. but then.. complained pain lar.. hard to walk lar.. etc
So end up not buying.. and I couldn't buy too.. *lets go a superrr long sighhh*

(Below) Stupid idiotic brother.. duno wat facial expression he was trying to show..
Keep on holding on this long bamboo-look-alike rattan "stick"
... that my mom uses to massage her neck and shoulder..
Think he's monkey god kua?? *pukes*

Nothing better to do.. Just wanted to know how long my eye lashes are..
HEhehee.. in other words cam-whore larrr...